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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tropical Atlantic Quite. 6 Days Til the Start of Hurricane Season. Lunar Eclipse and Thoughts on Vacations and Tropical Preparation!


To be honest there is nothing happening in the tropics.
Well, the Tropical Atlantic is quite.
In the EPAC there are two yellow circles.

Climate wise this is their time....
...usually you can count 10 days after they pop.
Will see. Models show possibilities long range...
...but not going there now.
For now it's all about getting your hurricane supplies.
I sound like a broken record but it's a popular song.
For now the EPAC has possibilities ....

Note African waves approaching South America...
...and ignite in the Pacific.
They skim the North coast of South America..
...and fire up in the EPAC.

To be honest.........  I woke up around 4:30 AM totally wired and unable to sleep. Nice hotel room, nice bed, pillows good... just wide awake after barely four hours sleep. I guess I can sleep tonight, but for now I'm wide awake. And, then I remembered the Lunar Eclipse and thought "wow.... those are some strong vibes there."  Griffith Park Observatory had a great live feed, but then a cloud obscured the moon and that messed things up.  I always loved Griffith Park Observatory, it was one of my favorite places to hang out when I lived in LA. There's a picture somewhere of me as a young mother in punky clothes and very high heels with some Joan Jett hairstyle enjoying the view from the top of the hill. 

The view of the lights at night is awesome.
The cloud hovers over LA hiding the eclipse.
Late night early morning low clouds and fog we call it.

So that's where I am today virtually.
Well not in LA but in Charlotte, North Carolina.
I traded California for Carolina.
Is that a numerology thing?
Okay I did Florida in between....
Going to Florida soon :)
First time in 18 months....

Totality is going on but no one can see it.
Back East the sun has risen.
Out in LA they are doing the best they can.
The view from the Magic Castle is also awesome.
I loved my LA days.

There's a picture from another site.
The Internet always has options.
As for the 2021 Hurricane Season...
...we have not really yet begun.

In the tropics options begin soon.
Still very early in the process.
Prepare it will be here before you know it.

Having a nice time here. I went to the Mall yesterday and bought a dress for a wedding in Miami, a best friend is marrying off one of her children. I brought two gowns with me but I may wear the cocktail dress with black high heels that I bought after I run it past my daughters in Miami who have excellent taste. Then I'll do what feels right. How do you make decisions? We went out to dinner with some nice folk last night, had a Vegetable Plate which is big down here in the South; there were freshly made onion rings involved so don't knock vegetables! I also had Coke with bourbon and relaxed after taking a swim in the pool, sunbathing for exactly 15 minutes because it was 90 degrees and I burn easy but rarely tan.... it just fades away. Trying to chill and relax and enjoy the quiet, because things will get hectic real soon and I do love the wild, unpredictable, often compelling drama of the Hurricane Season. I love studying them, learning new things and sometimes chasing hurricanes. I chase less these days than I did once upon a time but being in North Carolina there are plenty of options if I want to run down to the beach though it's not as tropical as it is in Florida with palm trees bent and well you're a whole lot closer to the tropics than you are up on Wrightsville Beach. That said, hurricanes happen on Cape May and Long Island and even New England and Canada but they seem more like powerful oceanic storms from the tropics than they do on landfall in Louisiana or Florida or perhaps that's what I'm used to... 

Have a good day. Make a hurricane plan, get a kit if you are lazy or busy on Amazon that fits your personal needs. Make a back up plan because if you live along the coast you may have to evacuate and if you live in Raleigh or Charlotte know that sometimes they can rip your pines apart faster than you can say "now what are we gonna do" and if you don't believe me Google "Hurricane Hugo Charlotte" or "Hurricane Fran Raleigh" and you will learn you may need to have a plan in case you another hurricane does that this year and Henri or Kate come to visit....  Could happen. Get a plan! Make a back up plan!

Sweet Tropical Dreams...
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps. Mike and I have a joke about how we don't feel "there" on vacation until we put on TWC and see we are in that viewing area. Or the local weather and I'm telling you it's worth living in Charlotte to have Brad Panovich as your local weather person! So was fun watching his broadcast on air rather than on Instagram or Facebook.  Again, the Internet always has options. 

Yes, I generally enjoy my visits to Charlotte!
Nice city, huge and diverse.
Architecturally awesome.
Museums and Malls.
Much to do! NASCAR Museum is awesome, you can get lost in there for hours ... check it out if you come to Charlotte and NASCAR or cars is your thing; history galore on display everywhere. 

Enjoy the music....
...have a good day!


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