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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Trouble in the Tropics? Yes...But Down the Road. Caterpillars in the Atlantic Being Fed Moisture From the SW Carib Still. NC Flooding, Hoping Fay is Kind to Fayetteville & Stays Out At Sea. Earthquake in New Zealand.

One quick note before you read on today about SAL aka Saharan Dust Layer or sometimes referred to jokingly in some weather circles as Cousin SAL... know it's normal for every hurricane season to have SAL and it happens early in the Hurricane Season while the Atlantic is slowly warming up warm enough to support tropical action. It's a timeless ballet that is misunderstood by many thinking SAL will be some sorrt of protector and keep hurricanes from forming. This time of year it's mostly about Close in action or even Homegrown action in the Gulf of Mexico and along the East Coast. Sloly the Caribbean yawns, wakes up and trouble can happen further to the South. Eventually every tropical wave that has left Africa takes a bite out of SAL and you can see this on the jagged bottom of the image below. It's a process that happens every year with some adjustments for how strong SAL is and how weak or strong Tropical Waves are so don't read too much into hyped headlines but enjoy the pretty sunsets and keep your inhaler nearby if you are an asthmatic. And, yes in some places you may have to wash the car more often.

One year when I was growing up I was told to stay inside as much as possible, because the Saharan Dust was so strong and creating health hazards for many. But, I snuck out and my mother's white Chevy had turned pinkish red as it was covered in Sahran Dust, that's how strong it was that year. I never remember an outbreak that strong that everything white turned red the way white cars in Raleigh turn yellow during Pine Pollen for a few weeks every year. That year we had a very strong huricane that took out many big, huge trees and caused lots of drams. The same flow that brought us the dust, delivered the hurricane. And, the person who told me that was a man who lived next door who worked at the Hurricane Center so just saying don't buy into the hype. Buy hurricane supplies and make a plan, because hurricanes happen when the SAL weakens.

That's our Tropical World today.
Only real red area is down in the SW Caribbean.
And 2 red eyes staring down at it from the Atlantic.
Reminds me of a Caterpillar .

Full disclosure I've never been a fan of this Show.
Good music but not really into it.
Between Seymour and Audrey...
But the plant is the life of the movie.
Too violent for my taste.
I never could watch Sweeny Todd.
True, only Todd I liked was Michael Todd.
But I digress. 

The only real feature of interest, other than that wave over Africa, is the mositure train from the SW Caribbean up into the Atlantic to an area off the East Coast that many have looked at as a possible contender during this slow time in June. Whether it helps something try to form or not is less important to me than the fact that this pattern remains strong and the EPAC isn't doing it's part with a dirth of tropical storms and in truth it's often common to see storms in the Gulf of Mexcico later on in the year with the other side of this trough like feature anchored by something in the Atlantic off the East Coast. Happens often over time in set ups such as this one but it's still too far down the road for the crystal ball to show us what Mother Nature is up to. 

One thing we know Mother Nature is up to this year is Trouble... and today there was a very strong Earthquake in the Pacific near New Zealand.

Nope, not much going on in the Tropics today as it's a normal June day with the warm weather filtering back into the Carolinas as the Cut Off Low began to slowly crawl up the Appalachian Trail leaving Nash County in NC flooded in some areas and redirecting the rain train towards the Virginias. This sort of set up is like a mini fire hose of water aimed at specific areas rather than a whole region. One place is fine yet a town up the road near a creek is underwater. That's heartbreaking, especially going into a busy Hurricane Season with memories of flooding from Floyd, Florence and Matthew swirling in my head. Hopefully any hurricanes that come this way will not be flood makers such as Floyd and Florence so seriously hoping Fay doesn't flood Fayetteville this year. If you live in an River Basin in the Carolinas buy a raft or evacuate, either way sure hope that doesn't happen this year as we are still cleaning up from Florence and Matthew and now yesterday's localized flooding event.

And Mother Nature is at it again in South Florida.
Not a good day to take the boat out.
Great day to be at the beach to film wicked weather.
These are not your regular 3 PM thunderstorms.

Interesting weather parttern this year.
Use this time wisely to prepare for Hurricane Season.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Everyone has warned you this year.
Sorry but true Mother Nature is up to Trouble.

Stay safe, be happy, do what you love.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps... Trouble. Great song.
Saw Dick Van Dyke do it in LA ...
... think Mandy Patankin sang it better.
But here's the scene in all it's glory.

I did start out doing acting, drama, dancing.
I love Musical Theater.
Okay mostly Musical Comedies.
We need to laugh more...
..and tap our feet.

u decide........he has a great voice.


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