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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

UPDATED! Tropical Storm Bertha Makes Landfall Near Charleston and Myrtle Beach & Georgetown, Pawley's Island Getting Slammed with Rain

10 AM.
Post Landfall Discussion.
Worried on rainfall and flooding.
Bertha makes Landfall...
...what's next?

Coming across the finish line!
No one in the stands.
People rooting for it at home.
Safely social distancing.
TWC didn't even have anyone at the beach.....

Bertha made landfall with 50 mphs winds.
Keep reading to learn about this fast girl.
Speedy Gonz...oh that's the G storm.
Bertha. Landfall.
Flooding may be an issue.... evolving Tropical Drama.

hiatlsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

It's a small, fast develoing system.
It went from 30% to Bertha...
very recently.
It's near my Myrtle Beach.
Tropical Storm Bertha.

Again watch close up the evolution from 8 hours ago.
I posted this 8 hours ago before going to sleep.
Because the NAM was insistent this would form.

I woke up this morning checking to see.....
....if they upgraded.
Oh my gosh they did.

I kind of have that look on my face.

It's a fast mover they said.....
Putting my shower off an hour.
I don't want to miss landfall.

At this point the C Storm models may verify.
Will the next one be a hurricane?

2012 was the last Bertha in this area....
Gee hope we don't end 2020 the same way.

Again this began down in Miami.

Where is Bertha going next?
North Carolina.
Though the cone goes to W NC.
But the rain will move from SC into NC.
This is from last night.
10 hours ago.

NAM model last night when I went to sleep.
Done deal the NHC would upgrade.
But happened even faster than the NAM showed.

Understanding how this happened is easier to understand when you have studied and researched tropical meteorology over time and when you watch the short term NAM for odd systems such as this one and it was apparent yesterday afternoon the NHC would most likely upgrade to Tropical Storm status as it was making landfall this morning. Why Tropical Storm vs Tropical Depression? Good question. Because it already had tropical storm force winds within it's ...stystem. Much the same way that Imelda was upgraded recently on landfall this is what the NHC is going to do with very small, fast moving systems. I'd have preferred they went to RED status last night earlier but this is apparently the new way things are done so .... okay.... it is what it is. It has a history of flooding as witnessed by it's recent trek across South Florida. If Bertha floods your yard, you remember Bertha. 

I was looking for a song, a Monkees song because the lyrics "here it comes" or "here we come" came into my mind but this works perfectly. You know how some little kids take their first steps and then take off fast trying to explore the world before coming ashore fast? Well, you know what I mean so let's go with this one. Trust me her parents will remember that video for a long time and there will be videos of flooding and nasty weather, possibly nasty bands of weather while Bertha takes her first steps on shore in South Carolina in about 30 minutes from now.

As for the launch in Florida, it may happen. Time will tell. It's 2020, time moves fast. I may get out to Fresh Market later this morning before it rains here in Raleigh at the rate this is unfolding. 

As I said last night on Twitter.... we know how 2012 began tropically speaking. Lots of storms in this neck of the woods. We know how 2012 ended in New York City, so hoping that 2020 is not a total repeat of 2012 but I wouldn't rule it out as a possible.

Stay tuned. I'll add info later or start a new blog for landfall... in about an hour.

As for Hurricane History.
Let's go back to 2000.
Remember the year we worried on the new Millenium?
The Miami area got slammed with Bertha like rains...
...before Leslie even formed.
Again, history repeats often.

This is from 2000 when Leslie was forming.
The coming attractions drowned Miami.

Note before the track began.
It sat over the Miami area....

While doing Hurricane History this week it occured to me last night to explain what happened Pre Leslie as it was forming, but before it formed when it caused more damage to South Florida than most tropical storms or weak Category 1 Hurricanes have done in the past.

Click on this link below please for details.
It was a huge event in the Miami area.

Salient parts below.
Check out that price tag...

Again history repeats.
Remember that.

Will we end 2012 with Sally in New York City?
Probably not.
At the rate we are going it may be Winifred!

Stay tuned... we know 2020 is a rocky ride.

Hurricane Season has started.
Starts officially in 5 days.

Next storm may be a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.
That's what models say.
Unless something forms in the Atlantic again.
We will talk on that tomorrow.

Models doing crazy things.
But it's 2020 so expect crazy.

Be back later, 
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.


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