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Sunday, April 12, 2020

TORNADO ON THE GROUND. ... Massive Damage in the Deep South. Moves EAST Tonight into the Georgia and the Carolinas. Mother Nature Refuses to Obey Stay Home Orders...

PDS Warning... Particularly Dangerous Situation.... watching this system blow through the South has been mesmerizing and in real time it just keeps getting worse and worse. 

This is today .....
....this is the next few days.
More misery as it moves further to the East.


You can loop that and check it often.

The watches and warnings will go on and on.
Note how far down the front dips.
After it clashes today and tonight with the heat.

Anytime you have this signature
You have trouble.

Warnings currently up.

As I said last week...
Mother Nature doesn't do Lock Down.
She issues warnings.
She ignores our holidays.
It just gets worse and worse.

Wrote that because I was worried on Palm Sunday.
But I was even more worried on Easter Sunday.
I'm even more worried on the Hurricane Season.
And the Hurricane Season is not cancelled.
Neither was Spring Severe Weather Season.

Jim has been on the air for over an hour.......
............covering the same tornado on the ground.
Over an hour and fifteen minutes now.

And it moves on to the Carolinas in the morning.
Early in the morning.
Possibly late tonight some early cells could arrive.
Why am I picturing Covid-19 germs.
Everything kind of keeps crashing together.

Mine in Raleigh above. They sound concerned don't they? What next? An earthquake?

Check your local NWS for your info or watch often tonight and tomorrow and as Jim says "boom boom" this line keeps moving. 

Oh look I have "Torcon" of 5.
What does that mean?
I could get wind, rain, hail or a tornado.
A big tornado for someone.

I may update this later this evening when my mind is better able to process all this information. 

All I can say is take this seriously and hunker down more than you are already. What does that mean when you are on Lock Down or Stay Home orders? It means.. KEEP YOUR PHONE FULLY CHARGED AT ALL TIMES AS YOU MAY LOSE POWER. And losing power is a best case scenario here vs losing your roof or your windows being blown out as the huge Oak Tree crashes down on top of your home you are staying in to hide from the Coronavirus. And we already have a wind advisory in effect in Raleigh way in advance of the system meaning that trees and their huge limbs will be weakened for hours of strong winds before the real weather gets here. It means.... KEEP YOUR APPS ALARMS ON... WEATHER RADIO ON and pay attention to breaking weather that may be breaking things near you.

This is Allan Huffman.
He is very conservative.
Not one to hype a bad situation.
I take him very seriously.

And lastly.... check out the shelter.
People trying to shelter in place.
But trying to keep a distance between...

and .......what will be with hurricane season?
How ya going to evacuate people and to where?
Hope someone is working on that now.
Because Hurricane Season is 50 days away.
And I do believe it will start early.

Going to go make dinner.
It's Passover by me.
Easter by many.
And Jim Cantore is on...
...still following this tornado.

And that neck of the woods has trees.
It's not Oklahoma....
Like the Carolinas there are big trees.
And you can't see the tornado til..'s right there in your face.

So that's why you keep your alarms on.
Because we have a bad history of night time tornadoes.

More later..
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Others I take seriously locally.
He's very good.
Look him up on Facebook.
Watch the Facebook Live he did.


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