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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Remember When... Corona Meant a Beer at the End of a Day... Weather, Memories, Hurricane Moments and

Listening to Alan Jackson this morning to keep my sanity going and giving me some continuity for my thoughts and staying focused. So much that can topple our well set out plans for the day so you gotta stay on track and push through and try and get it all done. Okay, blogging wasn't on my list for this morning but going with it because I have a tons of creativity that has to come out before it explodes like a Category 5 Hurricane. The struggle of an artist and today I'm using words to paint the scenery of the world and my mind.

Remember when.......
When I woke up to check out the loops?
Yeah... I did. I did today...
And I'll do it again.
As long as I'm breathing.
It's who I am.

Loved weather since as early as I can..
Sat on the porch in the afternoon.
Waiting for a breeze blow.
Watching the clouds.
Hurricanes stole my heart...
Almost blew me away.
Spent a lifetime...
...trying to understand them.
Because there's so much more to learn.
Even in the off season but.....
This has been one heck of an off season. 

Look at that wild feature way off the coast now.

Kind of a name that image ink blot test today.

Cranky is doing this thing.
Thank God.

Owe him really.
Think long rambling messages...
..saved my sanity this morning.
Feel fresh even though it's still gray outside.
Ironic love Seattle Gray.
Hate Raleigh Gray.
It's more poetic in Seattle.

So listening to music.
Alan Jackson. Country.

Alan Jackson looks like half the boys I grew up way down in the deep Southwest of Miami in a place known as Westchester or Bird Road or West Miami depending on which side of Coral Way you lived on but I learned how to swim and learned who I was ... a little about living and a lot about love. I'm a Southern Girl... made of grit, sweet tea and drop biscuits because they are way easier and I hate rolling dough; they taste the same with lots of butter really does it matter? Probably not anymore because the meme that got me the most was the one that said on day 1 they were going to breathe, do Zen and by day 4 they were pouring ice cream on their pasta. Notice the Keto Memes have done been dumped in the trash. Seems in this age of conserving what we got and trying to make it last carbs are suddenly good and may get a prize if we make it through this ... never had a planning just living for the minute and by the way if you HAVE to "Instant Grits" may just get you through the aftermath of a hurricane or Corona Days. (Okay Instant Grits might be best washed down with a Corona and Lime....  but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.)

Speaking of Country Boys...

Nope no tropical weather today.
We be in Spring Severe Storms Season now.
If you ain't checked your calendar...
It's late March.
Then comes April.

allfcsts_loop_ndfd.gif (799×559)

When this makes a Tornado looking image.
It's usually not a good sign.
Yes, there's bad weather coming.

Life goes on....
Hurricane Season is coming to our world soon.
I'd take a hurricane over Covid-19 anytime.
Would love to be out there on the beach.... a Tropical Wind right now.
Nothing make you feel more alive.
Okay ..thinking.. it's way up there.

I took that picture.
Took that pic of them taking pics.

We had fun that day.
I may be a bit of a bully.
But I got my way.
Not much debris... 
But lots of wind.
Best kind of Tropical Storm.

I thought of it last night.
One of my best friends called.
She was driving back from work.
She decided it was the last day.
She drove back up Collins Avenue...
to NMB leaving Flamingo Drive.
And the streets were empty.
Kind of like in a hurricane.
She said is was nice cruising along.

True Confessions.
We once drove that road late at night.
After a huge wedding at the Deauville Hotel.
Her just 16 year old daughter drove the car.
We were drunk.....great wedding.
Pretty sure her daughter remembers that.
Insert hand over my face image :)
She was a good driver!
Always good to have a designated driver!
(Before Uber)
That's what I taught my kids.
Yup... before Uber.
Before Corona didn't mean .....
....a beer at the end of the day.

Great song.
Making  bologna for dinner.
Shhhhh don't tell ;)
My mother loved bologna.
It'll work it's way out.

I pray a lot these days.
For my kids, my friend's kids.
For my kids...their kids.

So at 5 PM... 
Take a break, have a drink.
Of whatever you like even if just cold water.
And keep on doing what you need to do.
Keep doing what you love.

I'm blogging.
Watching loops....
....and trying not to stare at that map.
You know the John Hopkins one... 

I'd rather take a hurricane any day.

Apparently so would Alan Jackson.
(it's in the video......)

Everyone do what you got to do to survive.
In a hurricane you can hide from the wind...
..and run from the water.

If it means hunkering down and listening to Alan Jackson.
Talking to my friends, reading kid's WhatsApp Group.
Praying in my way as I do most the day.
That's easier than being in Hurricane Andrew.
But hurricanes move on 
and then you pick up the pieces.
There's a time line and a manual.

I'd take a hurricane any time.
And it's forecast to be a busy season.
I'd take weather any day...
...there wasn't a forecast for Corona coming.
Yet it came at us just the same.
Or Covid-19 ... your choice
It is what it is by any name.
What is in a name anyway?

Take care, stay safe.
Stay inside and remember when...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
As it's a National Emergency.
I'm not proofing this today... 
...gonna find me a better way.

Ps... yup...

That's my son's favorite way to end any day.
Watching the sunset on the water on his boat.
Seems I raised him well after all ;)

A guy once downloaded that song the day it came out for me impress me.
Smart man, he did.
I remember when...


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