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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Life Goes On.. Differently As We Evolve Onto an Online World, School.. Prayers and Shopping... Weather and Quakes and News.

Blogging today more for continuity and to keep myself sane than for any real tropical news, but I will lead today with a sign of the times and that is a story about one of our favorite meteorologists in Tropical South Florida. Phil Ferro, because of recent health issues, is staying home and not at work in the studio. Luckily for those of us online not in South Florida we now have access to him more readily than when he is at the studio working though he is good at responding during commercials :) Wishing Phil good health, good peace of mind and may he know we all love him whether he's in the studio working or Tweeting online keeping us informed!

As for our favorite Online Meteorologists.

Cranky, always creative and informative.
May he stay well, healthy and sharing his knowledge!
Crafty and creative is always good!

Note the word "NEAR" 
Then there's the Geological News.
As all mets are really closet geologists...
Salt Lake City had a 5.7 Quake.
Waiting on more news reports.

As for the Economic Aftershocks....
Macys and Sephora have both closed their stores.
They request, of course, you keep buying online.

Macys is "temporarily closing stores"
But still sending ads and asking you buy online.

Cute purse.. very spring/summer colors.
But no I'm gonna stick with the old one.
We all will be sticking with the old ones.
I mean you can order still online but.....
... orders have been delayed and coming slowly.
Tho Sephora did get me their monthly package on time.
Easy to clean box, open box.
Everything was washable (good job)
Washed hands.
Felt silly but hey it is what it is.

They are giving away Trial Sizes with Purchase.
Hmnn is that like think short term not long term?
Honestly I have enough "trial sizes" to keep me going.
..a long, long time.
Anyone who ever made fun of me for holding onto them..
Ha Ha... I'm well stocked.
Tho I do give away what I'm not using.
A friend brought me a large size of toilet paper..
Thanked her, paid her and passed along some samples.
I'm rich in "samples" of beauty products.
My daughters and I share often.
But for now... no playing in Sephora ... 

As for other places we can't play..
Miami Beach has closed their beach!

No they are not playing around .... "tourists go home" is basically what they are saying. I lived 3 blocks from the beach in Miami Beach and the breeze was always there... rarely went oddly but rarely to me meant a few times a week for a walk not every day. Just walking around Miami Beach is beautiful. But the issue of Spring Breakers has become huge and sad. Yes, they are healthy, yes they can pass it along... think it's become a party while you can attitude among the young like going to a speak easy and drinking bathtub gin. Who knows.

Sadly kids doing Spring Break will only ramp up the transmission of the virus as they hit the roads and go back home taking their germs with them. I know that sounds harsh but being honest. Perhaps while colleges are closed the young kids could volunteer for community service to keep the chain of life not the virus going and get excused from student loans... just a thought. Not all are partying, many kids are at home helping babysit younger kids while their parents try and make ends meet. My teenage grandson Dovid is home from Yeshiva (Highschool/College) helping teach his younger brother Mendel while the schools shift to online learning. My granddaughter seems to be enjoying working from home as they do prayers (davening) together online... while she's on Instagram showing everyone. And she is keeping to her routine, learning and she is good and she and the others are good because of the teachers who are trying hard to keep continuity going and help their students and keep life going on as normal as possible. My son said it all on his Instagram today and that is... Thanks to the teachers! Doing an awesome job while they worry on their parents, their own children and what will happen tomorrow but while worrying on tomorrow it's best to take it day by day and stay focused on today!

 So thanks to the teachers!
He's right!

Glad she's got online school.

And for the other Miami kids...
...staying home but taking walks.
Luckily living in paradise means walks are good.

I can't be there...
...but I feel like I'm there.
Coconut Grove Florida

That's it... 

Eventually I will talk on the 2020 Hurricane Season.
No stopping it...sorry.
Signs show healthy season (irony)
Maybe SAL will keep it in check.
If you are still reading..
Haha you got tropical weather.

Much love and prayers,
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps.. Not proofing and note ..
I didn't talk on that socially you know what word.
As per request from my brother in Greece...
Online with him every morning, night...
...No where else to go...


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