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Friday, February 07, 2020

Storms Across the South. Carolinas Had Hail, Thunderstorms & Twisters. Flooding in Virginia. Freaky February Spring Like Storm

That's one intense storm system.
And after dumping snow on Oklahoma...
... it moved on with tornadoes in the South.
Severe Weather and Flooding.

I've lived in the Raleigh area long enough to know when a line of severe weather is going to move in fast with the threat of tornadoes and other assorted severe weather delicacies such as hail, lighting and trees splintering apart littering our landscape as simply put oaks and poplars don't bend the way palm trees do in South Florida. In Miami we get a monsoon every afternoon for several months beginning in Mid May and then we move into the Hurricane Season. So while in Miami this was not a wild storm for Raleigh and the rest of the Carolinas it was freaky weather for February when we usually have school closures for a few inches of snow. Yes, school is closed as trees are down (worse in some areas than others) and power is out and they felt the buses wouldn't be able to properly transport the students ... not to mention teachers who would need to call in unable to get to work.

And know what's weird here is when we get this sort of weather it moves in fast. Once day several years ago we were supposed to get severe storms and possible tornadoes. We had sunny skies, no wind and it was a beautiful day. I went out in the back yard and decided to lie down in my husband's hammock and swing a bit and stare up at the sky that rhymes with lie ;) I thought maybe they were lying it seemed impossible the weather would change that fast (I was new to Raleigh) but after a while I saw the tops of a few high towering thunderheads move quickly into view out of the corner of my eye. Everything was still, quiet and beautiful yet there was this foreboding sense of something happening. I kept playing with my phone, watching the radar and watching the line move faster and faster and finally I went inside. By then the sky was turning dark and minutes later huge chunks of hail fell from the sky ahead of the eventual rainstorm that was properly predicted and we were fine but many lost power and yes school was cancelled because that happens now vs years ago. Yesterday reminded me of that storm system and the promise of severe weather delivered as was forecast. Fast forward to yesterday. Oh and my phone went crazy with one warning after another but understand they were all after the storm passed through and the creeks began to rise...

Understand this video below
...was pretty much the whole storm.
In minutes it passed through.
We went from clear skies to a white out.
Hail fell as if dropped down in buckets.
Heavy rain poured down melting the hail.
Small branches on trees snapped.
In some places trees were uprooted.
Schools let out early....
...though parents had problems getting to them.
Events were cancelled.
The TV was live for hours...
...kind of like it was a hurricane..
..or a snow storm.
But no... just an early Spring Storm.

Normally I run out to pick up the hail.
Measure it, throw it in the freezer!
It's a thing we do.
But I stayed because I wanted the video.
It was shared on several various news outlets.
Sharing is good.
Knowledge is power.
I love weather.

Some reports showed that storm...
..had a forward speed of 100 mph.
Big debate on that so waiting for confirmation.
Understand it came and went in 3 minutes.
WHOOSH then gone.
Sadly some trees were gone too.

My husband sent me that picture yesterday.
He was going with the Rabbi to help at a funeral.
Just after the storm passed by.
Streets closed off....
They got there on time.
But it was a rainy wet memory.

To be honest it was fun to see the Coronavirus blown off the news feed for a few hours. And wondering if Iowa declared Pete a winner yet or Bernie as it's a virtual tie there it seems. Here in Raleigh lights were flickering this morning as I awoke to high winds and pines swaying with blue skies as the dry air moved in behind the storm that was yesterday. So I got up early, cooked some things for tonight's Shabbos dinner in case we lost power later in the day. The ground is very saturated and more strong winds have been taking down trees and power poles today in my area and many are without power.

Pines are dancing in Raleigh today.
Mother Nature trimmed a lot of trees yesterday.
Noticed a few small broken branches on my maple tree.

It's just odd to have what felt like the back side of a late season hurricane slam through the area moving fast bringing with it the type of after effects we usually get from a hurricane in February where we should be talking on snow, ice and sleet or what we call round here a lasagna sort of snow storm with layers of crunchy stuff as ice covered the snow that covered sleet.

So that was the week that was in weather in the Carolinas. We had cold mornings, warm afternoons where the temperatures flirted with the low 70s. A wild line of what felt more like a Spring Storm crashed through yesterday and the temperatures are going down below freezing tomorrow morning. Raleigh isn't the most diverse place but our weather is diverse often within a 24 hour period. And, when I say not so diverse I'm comparing it to Miami ..... in general we have people here from all over the world who work in the Tech Industry and in the Academic world and we are the state capital ... it's just not Miami but it's slowly has become home.

Much love and sending prayers for good weather or dreamed of snow and maybe later today we will know who won the Iowa Caucus for sure ... hopefully before the New Hampshire Primary.

Spring Training isn't that far away.
Chaser Season began early this year.
I bet the Hurricane Season begins early too.
Something to think on...

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.


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