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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sleeping Really Well in Seattle ... Thoughts From On the Road

The sky often is magnificent.
Often drops of various shades of blue appear..
hidden in the various shades of gray.

An awesome book I read yesterday...
Amazing how this atlas nailed this.

Highlights of "about" the book... 

Read that paragraph on the website.
Especially the highlighted part.
Explains it all.

The colors of Seattle are not shades of gray.
They are white and gray and silver.
Silver when the sun shines bright thru the clouds.
Dark blue when the sun is out.
Bright blue when the sun is bright.
Gray Blue like a Whale at times.
Purple Gray Shades I can't name.
But I love more than I can say.
Shades turn into different shades....
..according to the brightness of the sun.
And even the gray is bright white at times.
This house often looks cornflower blue..
...or lavender blue or out right blue.
It doesn't always look the same.
Seattle is like that too..

In truth I've been in the suburbs.
Not much to write home about.

This house is more purple than the picture looks.
Beautifully kept up...
vibrant yet peaceful at the same time.
Kind of like Seattle.
The sun was coming out and....
...hit the roof showing off the "green"
That sot of green is on the scene everywhere.
The air is cool, crisp, refreshing.
The gray relaxes me ...calms me.
Reminds me of years lived in California...
and early morning low clouds.

Note that picture with the cute shadows 
And bright blue skies was the same day..
As the one above all colors of gray.
And just one neighborhood over.
Microclimates abound here

Shopping in local stores.
Taking pics of my furry warm boots.
In Safeway Windows because silly.
I feel silly and that's nice.
Relaxed and silly.

The sun is coming out.
The gray gets whiter....
...then really white.
Bright white.
Then the sun pokes through.

As for weather this week.
The  models made everyone giddy 
I never saw such giddiness on Twitter.
Promises of a huge snow storm...
..that faded faster than the morning fog here.
Now back to "not really happening"
"Maybe" or "keep watching"

It was a good week to go away...
Away from the Watch for Winter Party in NC
Waiting, watching on when Winter might..
make it snow.

Maybe... wouldn't rule it out.
But not betting any money.
Just enjoying the show.
Day by day ....
...hour by hour.

Got places go and things to do.
Not sure why people hate so much on Seattle.
They tell me "it rains a lot"
"Really? I'm from Miami..."
Miami has REAL RAIN.
This is rain I can deal with :)
And seen enough sunny days to enjoy
The beauty of gray blue purple days!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... funny I'm near a few places where they shot this movie ...and my little granddaughter is going to a school that looks very similar and she moves and dresses like a Seattle girl and that's really funny in some sway and "oh my gosh the sun is out" and I have to go and....
I really do love Seattle ':)
It's just too good to be true!!


At 11:23 PM, Blogger Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

It's pretty easy for most to write the "hate" off to "it's an east coast/west coast" thing .. In reality, parts of the NW just seem to transcend even the ideology of even the "west coast" notion.


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