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Saturday, February 08, 2020

Reality of Raleigh. Snowless Winter So Far. Severe Weather Winter. My Life.

There are no hurricanes here.
There is no snow storm here.
Just musing a bit about life in Raleigh.
My life to be exact.

I know you probably wonder.
Why am I here and not in LA today?
Lived in LA... it was fun.
Oscar Weekend ;)
Good memories.
The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. 
Traffic on Melrose.
Santa Monica Beach.
Laguna Beach.
Where was I?
Oh...that's right.

Okay Pita Planet is in Myrtle Beach.
We go there often.
I love Myrtle Beach.
It's in South Carolina nearby.

Okay obviously I'm obsessing.
Obsessing on lack of snow.
It was really close tonight.
Snowflakes a few miles away.
Though they melted on the ground.

To get snow in this part of North Carolina you need cold air and this winter has been mild and beautiful but that does tend to rob us of snow potential. We're getting rain, thunderstorms and severe weather that is more Spring like than what February normally brings. When I say "normally" note that the Raleigh area has a wide range of 'normal" in that some years it's very mild and other years the weather dips down into the teens and the ground gets covered in a snow, sleet mix known as "lasagna storms" with layers of crunchy stuff on top, a thin layer of snow and a sheet ice on the bottom. Then we get no measurable snow at all in other years though occasionally snow falls and melts on contact with the not so cold ground.

People move here for jobs, quality of life and we tend to be fairly safe from blizzards and too far inland to get real hurricane activity. More snow storms find us than do real hurricanes though we have had a few that roared through such as Hazel and Fran but they are the exceptions to the rule. Kids get excited about snow days from school and a possible sledding expedition on a near by hill and we go a bit crazy when a hurricane like Florence takes aim, however the rule that is rarely broken is they make landfall around Wilmington and only a few strong storms pass by on their way somewhere else. Note the State Fair is awesome, but often Hurricanes threaten that time of year but it's just part of life in what is still Hurricane Country.

In truth people move here who enjoy "the Seasons" while escaping months of digging out their driveway in the Winter "Up North" and people from Florida who are tired of year round heat but area afraid of real nasty "Up North Winters" so they move here in search of weather cool enough to tail gate and enjoy the footballs season while being able to golf all year and they learn to love basketball because this is North Carolina where March Madness is up there with the 4th of July and Summer Vacation. In truth we now have so many Floridians living here that Publix moved here also (Yay!) and so many people from New York that Wegman's moved here also. 

The boring part about Raleigh is just what makes Raleigh very livable, doable and preferable. It's easy to enjoy all four seasons though our Spring and Fall are away nicer than our Summers and well nuff said on the lack of real Winter weather however.... it cools off and we get to wear out boots and jackets and turn off the AC and enjoy sunny days when the sun is more visible through the bare trees yet the countryside is dotted with eternal green from the Pine Trees. Also it spoils you in ways so that even when you go "home" the traffic is too much, people aren't as friendly and you miss the ease of life here in the Triangle; that said I love going "home" to Miami to visit.

That brings us to another really good thing about Raleigh and that is we have a fantastic airport known as RDU that allows us to get out of Raleigh when we need a break. Amtrak runs right through town on it's way somewhere else and that works too for fast jaunts to Miami or New York or even to Charlotte. We can drive out I-40 West towards the mountains (and snow) or East towards the beaches which is where I usually go if given the chance.  As I was raised in Miami I miss the ocean that while close by... close being relative to where you're from it's still a good hour past my comfort zone but if you spend the night there the sunrise is always awesome. 

New Bern is beautiful and was originally the Capital but after two hurricanes that hit relatively close together and flooded the city and the Governor's Palace they suddenly got the idea that perhaps moving the Capital further inland would help secure the Western frontier. Honestly I think they wanted to get away from the hurricanes. Sorry Raleigh but New Bern is way more beautiful a city but again I'm partial to places that are on the water and New Bern gets a breeze that reminds me of the breeze coming off of Biscayne Bay in Miami except it's way stronger and always fresh and beautiful.

Note the snow man was not really there.
The vehicle on fire was.....
It's a steep hill, hard to see in the photo...
Remember I said a layer of ice under everything?

So yes I know how this rodeo goes and early on this particular winter I decided we most likely were not getting any crazy Winter Storms and we would be staying off the cover of every media outlet that likes to make fun of Southerners when they get snow so I promised myself I would not get all excited every time a snowflake showed up on the 8th day of my phone app because well I remember too well how that worked out last winter. The pattern has not changed much since last year, kind of repetitive. Again you need cold air to get snow in North Carolina and except for one early bout of low temperatures in the Teens in November we haven't had much to talk about and I've only worn gloves once this winter and it was in Monsey NY when visiting my daughters there. 

Last year I didn't want to leave town and miss snow or any type of winter weather and hope kept springing eternal after a very Wintry Thanksgiving Time Snow and then nothing. The Polar Vortex has gone missing it seems this year and maybe to be quite honest I don't care..   the weather here has really been beautiful and I know that summer is coming down the road and I expect it to be a long, hot summer so I'm just gonna enjoy not having to wear a coat rather than a sweater and enjoy my boots when I go out at night and not get all anxious watching the long term weather outlook and I'm going to go to Seattle and visit my son and his family and a city I love very much. Maybe it will snow there? Who knows... maybe, but not holding my breath waiting to see it happen.. If it does it does and if it doesn't that will be okay too.

Okay it's not all bad here in the Summer.

Life goes on as a friend of mine is want to say and in truth if one of us got to see snow this Winter and I'm glad that it was him and he really loves snow even more than I do. Next Winter I may plan out my time differently and spend more of it in New York waiting there until I see snow fall and then I'll head South to North Carolina and enjoy mild winter days, cool nights and the promise of Spring. There are places you can go that if you wait long enough it snows and if that fails I have a friend who moved to one of the Dakotas trust me it snows there in the winter.

So what do you do when Mother Nature robs you of winter weather? For one you enjoy the beautiful weather we've had so far. I'm not good with heavy coats and dislike wearing bulky gloves and I never ever wear a scarf! The Winter that the Polar Vortex took up residence and went on a Carolina vacation we had at least 3 snow storms, pipes froze by some people who didn't get the "leave the water in the sink dripping slowly memo" and it was followed by Spring Allergies from Hell so it's six of one and half a dozen of "get out of town the Pollen falls" but we won't talk on the Pollen ;)

Seriously, I'm going to Seattle to visit family there and enjoy a city that I really do l love. It's a long plane ride, a long trip and I always have Jet Lag after I'm back in Carolina. It will be cold, I guess I am taking a Winter Coat (maybe) and definitely my boots. Seattle is a bit of a muse so perhaps it will give me something to write about during this lull between the Hurricane Season is over and there are still more than 100 days left until the next Hurricane Season.. Did I mention I'm pretty sure we will be having an early start to the Hurricane Season? Yes, I believe I did the other day. More on that as we move deeper into those last 100 days.

What do I do till then? I'll do what I love and I suggest you do the same. If that means go to the movies then go to the movies. Write, paint, dance, sing or maybe take a road trip ;)

After Seattle comes Miami.
I took those pictures on a recent trip.
I went Storm Chasing with my best friend.
Bal Harbor was nearby.
Okay my purse matches dresses.... Dolce & Gabbana there.

And there's always Raleigh.
Sweet Tea.
Okay pretty sure that's beer... 
Dorton Arena and the State Fair.
And Hydrangeas blooming.

Sometimes you need to take stock of your life.
I spent some time on Instagram tonight.
Looking back over the last year.

However you count the days.

Wondering who wins the NH Primary.
Wondering who wins the Oscars.
Wondering on the Hurricane Season.

Okay that's from my Instagram.
Make up ;)

Sweet Tropical Dreams.
@bobbistorm on Twitter.

Ps Who knew I'd end up in Carolina?
Loved this song always.
Now I finally get it.


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