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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NH Primary - Snow on the Ground in NH - Watching Weather Trends Moving Towards Hurricane Season

Early Midnight results.
Yes, they go vote at midnight there.
The rest of the state votes today.
New Hampshire Primary.

No Apps were misused in this primary ;)

He's so good to follow....

Okay I want to get this out of the way as I know it's all the rage today while people either wonder on or ignore the NH primary so here's my link to the #broomchallenge and no I am not going to even try as it's way down on my list of priorities today.

She does a good job of explaining it so that said going to move on to the State of the Hour and that would be New Hampshire, an East Coast state that actually has snow on the ground so they seem to have won that game this year... and probably every year. Meanwhile Philly is as snowless as Raleigh has been so far this winter. Even New York City has had a drought of real snow as the snow line usually slides North of there this year.

Today above.
Back on Saturday below.

There has been a persistent pattern of a tilted alignment on frontal systems this year that basically traces the Appalachian Trail and the more elevation you have close to that line the more of a chance you have to see noticeable snow. A sort of 8 pm to 2 pm alignment across the East Coast after the dip in the Jet Stream in the SW connects up with the Gulf of Mexico moisture enhancing warm rain fall in the South East and bringing what seems to be an early Spring to the East Coast or at least round these parts in the Carolinas. I have grass on the ground that needs cutting, and bushes thick where bushes usually are devoid of greenery and pink and purple trees in bloom and Carolina Jessamine is climbing it's way up everywhere. It's yellow, it's beautiful and it only blooms for a few weeks as I found out way too late after my first Spring here when I ran out to buy some and then it just looked like a scraggly bush but when it blooms it steals the show.

Really small when you look at the larger perspective.

In New Hampshire, a state that is very small and not very diverse, there is much do to about who will appeal to this vote or that vote and whether Bernie can repeat his good showing during the last election cycle when he won New Hampshire and his only real opponent was Hilary Clinton. Statistics show New Hampshire is a fairly "white" state as states go tucked away neatly in the Northeast between it's shadow state Vermont, Maine and sitting just North of Massachusetts. Seeing how NH is anti taxes it's basically where people in the Northeast go to shop at the Mall there ....anyone from Boston or Portland that wants to take a nice ride and not have to pay taxes goes to Mall. Kind of ironic that they don't like to pay taxes yet voted for Bernie in the last election cycle. I guess we all choose which taxes we prefer paying or maybe it's about what we get for our tax money?  There are something like 2% Asians there according to the census results I looked at so that said it's not a very diverse state but it gets it's voice heard early. To be fair this 2020 election cycle isn't all that diverse either and the two women candidates seem to be fighting for the women vote as well as the vote from those who are not rooting for Sanders. Pete is there, Biden was there and Trump was there showing his huge popularity in the region among Republicans and Mike Bloomberg and his money is there. It's a state where Independents, such as me, can vote for whichever candidate they choose.

We'll know soon who they choose and then we will move on to South Carolina and Super Tuesday and the beat goes on....

I'm packing for Seattle. I'm watching election news. I'm listening to the rain taking turns pounding down onto the ground and birds chirping when that rain storm moves off to the NE sliding along at that angle making me wonder on what this 2020 Hurricane Season will be. I wonder odd things this ...such as in election years are there more El Ninos or La Ninas or does Mother Nature stay Neutral at such times of uncertainty.

I wonder on how ironic it is that everyone is suddenly worried on the Beer Flu (really they couldn't come up with a better name for this one??) washing hands and worrying on going out into crowded places yet thousands of people are showing up for Trump rallies and the candidates are on the trail giving big hugs to voters. Okay, Elizabeth Warren gives BIG hugs to people waiting to vote and I think to myself "she looks like a good hugger" and that's rare among candidates who are more prone to taking selfies or shaking hands and yes despite the fears of flu the candidates are out there doing what they have to do to pick up votes and momentum on the campaign trail.

I also wonder on how funny it is that to get into the White House you have to shake hands, hug people and take selfies with everyone yet as soon as you win the White House for the next 4 years the Secret Service doesn't let you get that close to anyone. Think on it... isn't it ironic?

Biden makes references to young people who have no idea what he's talking about... my husband is a John Wayne fan and so he gets it, he laughs but even he knows the kids wouldn't know what the heck Biden was saying without Googling it. Time will tell.

And I wonder how many people in New Hampshire moved there from New York City.

I wonder a lot.

Last night it was Tweeted online that this winter particular odd set up was not too different from 1990 so I quickly checked the 1990 Hurricane Season and it was a busy year but with few landfalls. The storm tracks are very similar to the current upper air flow patterns and the list begins with Arthur and Bertha leaving me to wonder.... "are we ever going to lose those two names or will they be with us forever and ever???"

Perhaps I wonder too much...

Going back to packing. Something I do often these days and as much as I love traveling I do hate traveling during the flu season when the media leads every day with a new story on the traveling flu. But what's a girl to do when her kids live in different places around the Country and well my Daddy always told me "ya gotta do what ya gotta do" so I'm packing. And have I mentioned how much I love Seattle?  Yeah, probably more times than you want to hear.

Check back later for images and music as my laptop is being annoying this morning so rebooting and editing and then posting and watching the votes come in ... hopefully way more fluid than they did in Iowa.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram

Ps .... If you want to see snow... and enjoy how it looks in the video...
Isn't it ironic people being interviewed today on the line to vote aren't sure who they are voting for yet? Hmnnn or maybe they don't want to share their thoughts? I wonder...


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