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Friday, February 21, 2020

Left Sunny Seattle for Vancouver ... Beautiful City... Back in Sunny Seattle. Missed the Raleigh Snow (Maybe It Will Do it Again??) Saying Goodbye to Seattle Slowly...

So much to say yet my mind is all over the place so just going to post some pics and say a few things and then go out and explore a bit around here before my last weekend here in Seattle. I won't bore you with me waxing poetic on how much I love Seattle as it never disappoints me and that's amazing as honestly I can get bored easily but never here.

The mountains above come out and shine when the sun decides to come out and shine and it's breathtaking and my picture doesn't do it justice. It's the whitest white on the tops of the mountains and note the hills are high and the dips are low and then you go high up again and from the top of the ridge near where my kids live you can see forever when the sun comes out. And, despite what haters want you to believe the sun comes out a lot in Seattle and when it does it almost hurts the eyes it's so bright. In fact as I type this I'm debating closing the blinds in my room here as the sun is blinding me. Yes, supposed to be more gray tomorrow and that's good I'll enjoy that too! After years of living in Miami I moved to Southern California and lived for several years in Long Beach where the sun takes it's time coming out to shine while it lets the Early Morning Low Clouds and Fog gently embrace the city until around 11 AM when the sun shines at a civilized hour and the sky turns blue and if it's a clear day in the winter you can see past the snow on the mountains off in the distance and yes this makes me miss my Long Beach days. So I'm totally okay with the gray; the bright white, gauzy gray of Seattle vs the dark dimly lit, charcoal gray of Carolina when cold fronts dip down over you but refuse to move past you for a month in November or pick any month in winter when cold fronts tease you with a taste of Winter but then leave you under dimly lit skies. Note when the weather cooperates the Carolinas are oh my gosh beautiful.

This is my Synagogue in Raleigh.
Raleigh Chabad.
Rarely do I see it covered in snow.
But it did snow yesterday.
And one smart Rebbetzin got a good picture!
It will melt fast.
But it looks like marshmallow fluff here.

My husband sent me a picture of "my tree"
Because I love that huge Oak Tree.
Capitalized because it's HUGE.

Shame to miss our yearly snow in Raleigh.
Hope springs eternal within me...
..that it will snow again.
Time will tell.

I was in Vancouver and that's good.
Snow in the background....
...a sea of sailboats in the foreground.

Sunshine and shadows.
Sailboats peeking through....
...from the hill up above.

Then there's the Market Place....
Oh my goodness.
So much to look at .........
....aromas mixing, wafting thru the air.

Seafood, Meat, Cheese.
Bone Broths, Coffee and Tea.
Flowers galore.
Local art.

And the view outside is heaven.
Kind of like Miami's Bayside...
but a bigger view.

Yes, blue skies there also as we were blessed with blue.
Some people called this building the Twister.
From different angles it looks different!

Anyway it's awesome.

But the point of this is that when you travel you see the world from a different perspective and the views aren't what you are used to... 

Amazingly I've seen all the four corners of America and it always amazes me they are all beautiful. Born in Miami I traveled to San Diego when I lived in LA and then to Maine to see my best friend who lived there a while and then to my kids in Seattle so I have to say there is something magical about all four of those corners. They are artsy and friendly and they each have something different to offer yet all of them have scenic water views that are unique and memorable. 

And a quick shout out to Anacortes Island that is a place to spend a long weekend at a cute Inn near the water along the old town stores enjoying seagulls, fresh air and sailboats and yachts lined up waiting to travel somewhere else eventually but many are lined up waiting to be shipped or sold or to sail away. And the bookstore ... oh my goodness, I have spent so much time in Used Book Shops but no place like this in the world; the coffee from Olympia Coffee is divine! Honestly a place for a writer to go and hole up and write some Great American novel!!!

Just one view.
Just one room.
All the shelves marked neatly.
Books in place properly.
The people who work there are so friendly.
And there's this relaxed calm....
.... that floats in the air there.
Coffee and Scones or muffins or cookies.

That's it for today!
Going to go out and play.
The gray is slowly coming back.

Much love and I'll be tropical again soon enough.

Sweet Tropical Dreams....
...from Seattle.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.

Ps... An awesome thank you to my kids here.
This was a Birthday Present they sprung on me.
Been 3 years since I was here apparently...
Been stuck on the I-95 corridor lately.
It was time to get a new perspective.
And touch base with those I love.
And make memories.

I've remembered many things on this trip.
This song sings it all.... 



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