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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weather...All a Matter of Perspective - Sunny & 75

Life like weather is all a matter of perspective. You either live a great life or a terrible life and both can be true for the same life but different from the perspective of whoever is judging your life. How people get depressed on Facebook for feeling inferior to others simply because they do not stand around smiling posing for #selfies vs those who act as if they have just won an OSCAR every time they get a slice of pizza with their significant other is beyond me. If someone is HAPPY and SMILING on social media all the time they are either high, drunk or a pretender. If someone is SAD and depressed all the time in pictures they may have a problem with depression or they may be exhausted because they got dragged out to some party they didn't want to go to ....

Weather is much like life. If I see snowflakes in my forecast for Wednesday I do a happy dance or smile in a victorious way. The same snowflakes make others cry, curse and look for tickets out of town to somewhere warmer fast. Or they may simply call in sick and lay in bed feeling doomed because that white stuff is falling from the sky again. I love weather. I love snow. I can't wait for a few drops to fall from the sky in some form of frozen precipitation. 20 degrees and cold seems naked without some wintry precipitation every once in a while. Some people actually plan trips around the long range weather forecast.

It's 66 degrees in Miami currently and that's about 40 degrees warmer than Raleigh (my other home) and I ditched the cowboy boots and took my sweater off as soon as the sun rose high in the sky. Florida sunshine is WARM... and unless the breeze picked up 66 feels like 76 degrees to me. Last night I was freezing and missed my boots. I sat outside with a sweater thrown around my shoulders at a friend's house cooking hot dogs over a Fire Pit and roasting marshmallows making Smores. The wine blew through the Palm Trees and I was annoyed I didn't dress warmer. I should have put the boots on. It was freezing. This morning at sunrise it was cold and the wind was blowing out of the North... winter in Miami. By 11 AM I was at Starbucks sitting outside in the sun with a friend sipping my coffee and talking while getting a suntan. She was wearing a sweater and very warm leggings while I was annoyed I still have my thin LuLu Roe leggings on under my skirt.

Then again in Raleigh the temperature was way below freezing but the warm sunshine was melting all the snow. I'm not sure exactly how that works but it did and for that matter anywhere that was in the shade still had piles of snow as if it had just snowed yesterday. Look right it was a winter wonderland. Look left and there was nothing left of the snow. Perspective meets illusion.

All is good. Logistics of family meetings, outings with best friends and trying to figure out what to wear when it's not really cold and not really hot in Miami during the winter.

All depends if the sun is out or if the wind is blowing.... I'm not going swimming as it's WINTER but definitely wearing sandals. Others will be wearing their winter boots. That's life. It's all a matter of perspective.

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