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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Snow.......Carolinas, Georgia ... East Coast. WinterCane Indeed.

Not Hype.
Not a Hurricane.
Definitely historic!

From Florida to Maine.
We're all dealing with Winter Weather!

You can call it BombCyclone or Winter Storm Grayson but it will be remembered as one of the deepest winter storms we have been able to enjoy watching on satellite imagery that is this precise. Look at that eye! Mike from likes calling it a WinterCane and I agree. Way better name than #BombCyclone...

Cold everywhere. Even Florida.
But the Carolinas are in a Deep Freeze.

Oddly it was colder here than Boston.
Feels like 10...
NYC beat us at sunrise by 1 degree.
Though wind chill here was crazy!

Such a photogenic storm!

 But it's a dangerous storm. A friend was driving from NY to Miami and they said they were find until they hit Georgia. Trucks were over turned, pulled over and traffic crawled for hours. They are in Florida now. But... to be safe... if you can...stay home and stay off the roads. Luckily I am home and enjoying the best Snow Day and having waffles and eggs for breakfast (my husband is cooking ...can you tell?) and then maybe I'll go out and take some pictures. The wind was crazy this morning in Raleigh so most of the snow flew off the trees looking much like it was snowing. Haha .. Fake Snow!

I'm in a bit of a snow bubble here in Raleigh as it snowed just enough for me to feel I got snow! A nice heavy dusting in my area (means more than an inch) though snow totals are vastly different from one neighborhood to another. And down in Southern Pines that was not supposed to be slammed got slammed. OBX had winds up to 77 MPH (hurricane force) and Charleston looks like a winter wonderland! I'd be jealous, but it's not my style and it's still early in the winter so I'm expecting another winter event in the Carolinas as the trend continues. In Wilmington the kids are using surfboards to sled down the hill near the Cape Fear River. 

In NYC my daughter who lives in Brooklyn took Uber to her job near where she lives and my son-in-law is out and about driving around Brooklyn somewhere. Looks like a heavy snow fall and to be honest no where looks as beautiful as Brooklyn does in a snow storm. The snow against the brownstones and the maze of winter bare branches across the streets make it look like a scene in a movie always! Out on the island the winds are blowing the snow in from a different direction than usual and it definitely looks like a WinterCane more than a snow storm.  Sure looks like an eye to me ;)

Stay happy.
Rock Steady.
I love snow!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... I can see palm trees swaying in the breeze anytime but can't see snow that often!

In the Carolinas we love seeing snow ... so yeah. I'm happy.


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