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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Travel and Tornadoes in December. Winter Begins. Holiday Shopping & Travel Possibly Affected

Watching the strong moisture feed from the Gulf of Mexico.
No not for tropical weather but for possible twisters.

hicbsat_None_anim.gif (768×496)

Look at that moisture feeding in late December.
Warm, moist, tropical.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Mike from Spaghetti Models is warning people to pay attention.

Crown Weather has pointed out the possibility for problems.
They advise shop early. Watch the weather.
My cliff notes there. 

If you live in the area highlighted in colors... 
Keep an eye on your local weather!

And if you live in the Carolinas...

Do not bother with an overcoat ;)

And if you are looking for winter?

It's out in the NW and there... 

So ... if you are traveling across the next few days.
Check with your local weather...
See if there are airport delays...

Keep Smiling.

Sweet Tropical Dreams....


Ps If you live along the East Coast... 
...find a beach and pretend you are Jimmy Buffett


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