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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Updated! Texas Sized EF4 Twisters Fueled By Wicked El Nino. 11 Dead. More On Tap for Today. Sad End to 2015 Mixed Bag of Winter Weather on the Way

Sunday Night across the US.
That's a whole lot of real estate under warnings.
Put your zip code in and make sure you are not in the path of a storm.

Current wind signature.

Put it in motion:

Update of current weather.
The Twister last night in Garland Texas was given EF 4 Status.

Devastation. Looks a lot like after Hurricane Andrew to Miami folks.

Up close... Garland Texas

Look at that low spinning up over land.
Tightly wound.

rb-animated.gif (720×480)

Spinning over Texas still.
Moving slowly.

23 people are dead from "Goliath" across several states.
New Mexico into Texas into Oklahoma.

Where the Spring like tornadoes were last night...
...have snow and rain. 
Fingers of ice are there as well.

The standard deck photo covered in 3 feet of snow from New Mexico.

To the East over Texas and Louisiana there is severe weather..again.

Ice, sleet and snow will stretch from Oklahoma City... Kansas City... 
to Chicago.

Larry Cosgrove a meteorologist in Texas posted this picture.
That's one mighty low pressure system.

Rarely do I use the names from TWC.
But in this case Goliath seems to fit.

So sad when there is weather so wicked like this any time of year.
Somehow sadder, heart wrenching to think of families celebrating holidays...
...and then it was all ripped away.

This time of year should be about joy... about love... family... festivals.
Christmas. Followed by the joy of a brand new Year.
And yet as we finish out 2015... 
... weather tragedies catch up with us... 

Last night there was a beautiful full moon in Raleigh.
Took a walk and watched it rise through the pines.
Yet the picture didn't come out the way I saw it with my eyes.
The moon disappeared and a ghostly angry head seemed to rise.

Really one silver disc rising in the sky.
Yet the picture came out like this...

Warm weather in the low 70s early in the evening.
Illusions it's winter rather than a record breaking heat spell.
Got to tell you... been my experience record breaking spells of anything..
..are usually followed by other sorts of record breakers.

Weather in flux... caught between a rock and a hard spot.
El Nino was not kind this year to Texas.
And, I am afraid it's not over. 

Gonna be a long night tonight.
And I pray the dawn will not be as cruel....
... as this morning's was in Garland.

Keep reading. 
Article below about last night's storms.
And WHY we are having this weather in December.
The "WHY" is as important as what happened.
And, until the pattern breaks it is going to continue.

There are more pictures where that one came from but spoiler alert...
...they are tragically sad pictures.

11 people died Christmas weekend in Spring like weather in December.
A small child was among the dead.
The death toll most likely will climb.
600 structures damaged.
25,000 people lost power.

Satellite imagery shows the nightmare show continues.

ECI8.JPG (640×480)

This is an ever changing story in real time.
Nothing is as real as weather.
Even terrorist stories tend to have a beginning and an end.
Weather evolves, moves across the landscape.

A new Tornado Warning was just posted for Brazos County Texas.

You can see the classic tornado signature forming over Texas.
The moisture feed... feeding the atmosphere.
Links all the way down and back to the Pacific.
El Nino.
The Christmas Child.
Christmas Weekend Twisters.

Remember our old friend from the Hurricane Season?
Watch how the circulation around the Bermuda High... in concert with the El Nino in the Pacific.
Feeding the misery in Texas

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Why is this happening you ask?
Just watch that loop I posted above. Says it all.
Because of a strong Southern Jet (thanks to El Nino)
Pulling deep tropical moisture up from the GOM 
Slamming it into a strong Cold Front named Goliath according to TWC
Yes, they are still naming Winter Storms.

But see the kicker here is that it's bringing a mixed bag...


Who is ready for El Nino to hit the road?

The colors above are for the Oklahoma City area.
Snow, Ice, Sleet, Rain, see Red hook at bottom right?
Severe Weather.

I know its a big state like Texas but that's a whole lot of weather

Mike posted this storm chaser video on is Facebook site.

Hard watching the feed knowing what is going on in the darkness.
December is for bright holiday lights.
Not loss of power and a twister hidden in the darkness.

Twitter was all about Twisters last night.

Ghostly thoughts kept me awake last night ...
... watching the news come in from Texas.

We were up late, watching in real time.

I'll update this blog later today with more news.

But know one thing.
This is the start to a slow erosion of the pattern.
Snow and winter weather will slide slowly East.
Slowly.... cold weather is eroding the heat dome.
At some point down the road it will look longingly ....
at the Appalachians, the Piedmont and the Mid Atlantic States.

The illusion of summer in winter is just an illusion.
So keep that AC cranking in the SE.
Keep praying for those in the track of tornadoes today.
Good link on 

Check back later for updates on last night's deadly twisters.
And for whatever unravels today as people sift through debris ... 
...hoping to find life not death.

And some people enjoying their first taste of snow this winter.

CONUS_GFS0P5_SFC_ACCUM-SNOW_120HR.gif (1180×770)

Besos BobbiStorm


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