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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Twisters. Spring Snow. All Depends on Your Location. Miami Beach Turns 100...

A quick look around the nation shows a mixed bag of precipitation and weather stories. 

Chicago is dealing with snow (no real big surprise there..) and many are discussing the lack of warnings in Oklahoma for twisters earlier in the week in Moore, Oklahoma. There's nothing new under the sun to tornadoes ripping their way across the landscape in the Sooner State and if you live in Moore it seems a tornado will get you sooner or later.

It's a murky line on the Prairie as the potential for severe weather was in the forecast. Hail was highlighted and indeed there was baseball sized hail in some areas. 

You can read the discussion on the of discussion in the forecast package from the NWS and you can be the judge.

A sample from the link below:

Happens often in the world of weather forecasting, even in 2015, that something is missed and usually it's the big stuff that gets missed in a busted forecast. The milder temperatures and a little more rain goes unnoticed. When you blow it in the world of forecasting... it's always the big ones. These tornadoes could have been worse, they were not of the F4 or F5 category, however someone did die, many were without power and they drilled home the point that Spring has sprung in Twister Country.

In Seattle yesterday it was BLUETIFUL in that the sun came out and I now have the hint of a sunburn across my nose. It was delicious. I spent most of the day at Pike Place and then a walk with the kids around a nature preservation area behind the University area that faces out over the water complete with a view of Mt. Rainier. In Seattle when the weather is going to be clear...they say "the mountain is out today" and so it was............and it is such a beautiful sight to see.

(Ps the Mtn was not crooked.. I was ... fast shot in traffic...)

Seattle feels so much hillier than San Francisco.
Love it.
It's not a street here and there...'s everywhere.

It's not Kansas and it's not Miami Beach.

Speaking of Miami Beach it just turned 100!

See even Drudge was celebrating the fact...

Hey .. I'm on vacation.
Got to get the news somehow.
My kids don't use Cable TV... 

As for the women meteorologist I'm highlighting today we look to snowy Boston, home of my beloved Red Sox to Cindy Fitzgibbon who does a great job at juggling her love of weather with a fantastic career as well as her love of her children and being a mother by enjoying the morning shift.

You see.. you can follow your passion and have it all. Takes hard work and dedication and believing in yourself!

Besos Bobbi... 

Ps I'll update the blog with a song...but for now I'm late for a party ;)

Pss... Updated... enjoy. I still think it's a stupid movie. If you have EVER flown cross country to Seattle you would know... you don't fly cross country just to stand around outside and stare at someone, chicken out and fly back. It's a long, long, long, long, long flight to Seattle....

A wink and a smile... from Seattle...


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