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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Storm NE I95 Corridor... Winter Finds it's Groove... Belichick on Weather & Brady's Balls . . .

Use this link and put in your local zip code if you live in the purple areas.. 
And keep updating as weather happens in real time.. especially "historic storms"

There was a feeding frenzy last night online as the weather models rolled out their latest run of  winter weather Armageddon for the NE that has been so far watching Texas get all the snow.

Each model showed a somewhat different scenario, some showed FIVE count em FIVE lows across the maps while some buried the NE under 2 to 3 feet of snow.

Feels a lot like hurricane season suddenly except there's nothing forming in the tropics and the lows off the coast of Carolina are all about winter weather.

Let's start with Virginia and move North into Maryland and DC as it seems all I'll get from this is a few flurries.. maybe. I'm almost embarrassed wishing for snow in Raleigh... I did say "almost" as I want some... really.... if it's 32 degrees there should be snow that is my theory. Problem is that usually in Raleigh when it's cold it is dry and when there is VIRGA it means we aren't getting any. Means there was something way up there and then it falls through the dry air and nada.. zilch.. zip.

North of Carolina life is closed along I95 for a snow holiday aka Winter Storm

Moving north into Delaware... Delaware is sooo in it!
Nice purple here...

The Garden state is covered in purple snow warnings...

I've outlined the COASTLINE in the image below as there is so much going on it's hard to read.

Seems the current bulls eye is over Connecticut to Cape Cod.

Wondering what winter songs NASH FM in NYC is going to be playing... 
Sunny and 75 isn't going to make many people happy..

Let's look at the satellite loops and see how this is going to really play out.

Now put it into motion... watch it hook down and dig and then take off 

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

You really don't need a shoot out between the EURO NAM GFS ETC to know it's gonna snow.

Look at the forecast for snow featured on

Let's look close up and remember there is no color code for more than 20 inches on this map..

And, this is why they are talking on a Historic Blizzard in the NE... possibly including the NYC metro area but that's always a maybe as the storms usually go wide right and it's a Long Island storm.

Note this system is such a big deal it's being talked about on on the message board... this is as close as we are getting to a Cat 3 or 4 or more Storm in the Atlantic.

Read the links posted they show you the width and depth of this possibly historic winter storm.

Note the forecast for Providence, Rhode Island... 37 and snow down the road..

Note my forecast here in Raleigh... I'm all excited about a 20% chance of maybe snow flurries ...

Hmnnnnnn 37 degrees in both places but what a difference the weather will be like in 2 days.

Meanwhile the models are about to spit out new data so all of these warnings will change in real time.

If you live "up north" and I do mean REALLY UP NORTH... 

Stock up on basic supplies you will need. Keep your cell phones and devices charged fully.  Note better to use up the battery on a real flashlight than to use up your cell phone battery using that energy draining app...   Milk, bread or sushi... which by the way will stay fresh on your window sill if the power goes out.  We all have our priorities...  If you have kids find some toys (THINK LEGO) they don't have yet.... crayons and coloring books (explain it to them this is what grandma and grandpa used) lots of diapers and hunker down and see which model is correct. Post pics. Pray you keep power to see the pics that you posted.. Do what I do up north when it's cold.. stay inside ;)

Ps ... As to Bill Belichick's knowledge of "CLIMATE" someone needs to explain to him if his balls were affected by "CLIMATE" and the balls of the other team in the same stadium with the same weather were not affected... he needs a basic class in how to tell the truth and Meteorology 101... Outer Limits music here...

Rule #1 Don't talk about something you don't know.
Rule #2 Let the wound heal and don't pick it.
Rule #3 HUH???

Seems the climate the ATMOSPHERIC CONDITIONS only affected Brady's Balls . . .

Whatever you believe about the Patriots.... Belichik knows nothing about weather..

Right....  maybe the blizzard will ground them?? no words... only this comes to mind..


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