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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where's Winter? SW Amarllo... Moving NE ... Messy Weekend in NE?

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

Sun trying to come out in Raleigh.... back in the gray world of winter.

Note I keep some colored bottles on the window sill so ... I see some color.
Truth is I like when the trees lose their leaves and I can see the sky in winter...

Where is winter most of you are wondering??

Winter has taken up residence in Amarillo this year... 
Though keep in mind that system IS moving ENE... 

This just about says it ALL... 
Most of the snow is in the wrong place...

Shouldn't that be over the Great Lakes or New England??

My kids would say "what the...???"

Don't kid yourself it is winter up north but not such a bad winter.. 

As seen on the future snow fall across the USA


So if the sun comes out where you be today... get out and enjoy it!

Supposedly going up to the high 50s in Raleigh today... sun really trying to come out.
I made it all the way into the house yesterday from the airport still wearing my red sandals..
But, trust me I'm under the cover now as I type this sipping coffee not cortadito :(

There is talk a storm is brewing off  the coast that will slingshot like winds around it bringing down much colder air and winter weather somewhere on the East coast but it all depends on where the low sets up etc... as always winter weather is a real time event unlike hurricane forecasting. Where it sets up means the difference between rain, freezing rain or snow. Then there's always snow mixed with rain or sleet or the catch all "wintry precipitation" so once again we have a forming in real time winter event for someone based on where it forms. Sigh... 

I like the above graphics... sort of Miami Dolphin colors but if here's another for the green fans.
It's also yesterday's forecast to show you how it evolves in real time.. check back later.

Be aware this system is on the move and stay on top of it as it's hard to say who will get what.

Hard to pin it down and they are already backing off on how much snow NY/NJ will get.

I'll be back later to explain just what the East Coast will really get. in the mean time..

Today I'm supposedly getting a mix of clouds and sun... but not feeling the sun guys...

Check out my Raleigh forecast for this storm that will most likely impact VA more than NC.. maybe

(see my notes in yellow.. amarillo... so wishy washy I call it RaleighHUH..."

No words we have to be right in hurricane forecasting 5 days out???

Be back later..

Besos Bobbi

For those not raised in Miami... or the SW... or Texas...


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