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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Problem with Weather Forecasts

Seems cold, cold, cold weather is on the way South...

Blue seems to be the color Du jour.
Brrr brrr brrr blue... for breezing blue mood cold weather on the way.

Take a look at my son's favorite wind map... look at that Arctic Air flowing down...

So, I'm going to go on a small rant here. Why you ask? Because the signs were there for days that the temperatures were going to drop like a rock and weather forecasters tried to keep the forecast conservative waiting for the new few model runs. Every day they have dropped it a degree. That may not seem like a lot, but unlike you and me some people only check the weather once in a while and they get "stuck" on what was said a few days ago. A few days ago they were talking on temperatures dropping to the upper teens with a small possibility they would go lower. The "small possibility" was only in the discussion.

So today our forecast looks like this from NOON today!

Fourteen degrees. And, that doesn't show what it will feel like with wind chills.

In fact it doesn't show the NEW upgraded forecast............

Discussion LAST week from the NWS said they would adjust the temperatures down if continued models verify the stronger temperatures. They verified. They will be updating the forecast. They will add in a wind alert...which could have been already done as well as other warnings. 

The question remains how low will they go?
How low will the temperature get?
And... LOVE the "OMG moment" 
Super love the way they write the weather discussion in Raleigh ...

I would just prefer a little more.. "PS and by the way" as the threat of temperatures that cold in an area like Raleigh cannot be underestimated. People are not used to weather that cold, that often here. And, not just here but other places. There is a possibility of a winter storm in the Deep South in the longer term and it's pretty obvious that the winter of 2015 is here to stay!

In parts of Virginia and DC they got way more snow than than forecast. Mind you snow was in the forecast, but a few inches is not what they got in some places. Yet, it was in several models however no one wants to go out onto that proverbial bridge.

But it's okay because ....  everyone wants to be a weatherman suddenly. My email feed began getting filled up this afternoon when companies found way to capitalize on my zip code...

Thank you AAA!!!

Just in case my weather people were going conservative... you're on it!

Stay warm!
Button Up!
Don't get sick!
Don't inhale...

Besos Bobbi


(already under the covers in blue pjs from Victoria's Secret's fighting off a cold...
....and sipping tea and drinking fruit juice and making soup and lots of vitamin C)


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