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Monday, January 26, 2015

History Repeats. 1888 Great White Hurricane. Traffic Problems AGAIN Today in NYC

Port Authority Bus Terminal. Earlier. Worse now.

You see when you tell people to go to work and "leave early" and they DO and they get stuck for over 2 hours trying to get a bus back to where they are going... it's just plain stupid.

I'm sorry but in Florida the place shuts down for a day before a storm. 
That's just the breaks... the way it works.
Mother Nature wins one...

It took my son a good 20 minutes if not a half an hour to pick up his son a few blocks from his house.
Eastern Parkway was not moving ...nor were the streets going in and out.

And, oh by the way everyone in Brooklyn I know is texting me WHY he said "all the streets have been plowed" when many streets in Brooklyn have not seen plows. Maybe he meant NYC?

Anyway.... history repeats and this is recent history. 
If you want people home safe be it in Atlanta or NYC keep them home the day the storm is starting.

Finally this blizzard has started to wrap and wind out off the coast of Carolina...
And trucking fast towards the Garden State Freeway... NYC and Boston

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

As for the 1888 Blizzard also known as the White Hurricane people should know it is responsible or the NY Subway System. Yes, if you are reading this trying to get to a train.. know it was because of how poorly the El Trains worked in New York City and Brooklyn in the 1888 blizzard. Granted you don't get blizzards with 50 and 60 foot snow drifts in Brooklyn often, especially in March, but it was enough to push through the idea of a subway system.

It was easiser to walk on the rails than to try and take a train.. 

Snow drifts were smaller than most of the children posing for pictures. 
This was of course after the storm... 

The East River was frozen over. It's said some people walked across the river from NYC to Brklyn..
The elevated trains came to a complete standstill. 
In 1894 they put through a plan for a subway system.
On October 27, 1904 the first subway began service.

Currently in New York it looks like this on one street....

Keep in mind the LOW is still forming down by the Carolinas..........

This "system" is forming slowly and going to move slowly at this rate.
Looks like the EURO might have beat the GFS... 

Doesn't matter which model wins ... it matters the impacts & timing for cities in it's path.

It matters that people, including my daughter, are trying to get back to where they are supposed to "shelter in place"  . . . 

Today BEFORE the blizzard hits......

What will tomorrow bring?

What will the streets of New York look like tomorrow morning?

I can't say for sure but.... I know people who are left work at 3 and 4 and are stuck trying to get home.

History repeats.

2014....  LAST YEAR.


Watch for far the bridge is open. 
Hopefully, my daughter will get across... 

Hopefully everyone will stay safe.. 

History always repeats. 
We need to learn from history.

We need to stop telling people to go out and get home early...
When the person doing the telling is not commuting long distances himself.. 

Good luck... 

I'll update later this evening.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Look at the amount of MOISTURE that is feeding this blizzard...

rb-animated.gif (720×480)


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