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Monday, December 01, 2014

Bye Bye Hurricane Season. Hello Gov Cuomo New Weatherman on the Block..

In Raleigh, where I spent Thanksgiving, the local news is showing the "last tropical update" while reminding people that the only landfalling hurricane made landfall in North Carolina back in early July.

Let's take a look at Arthur:

track.gif (640×512)

Looking back on my blog there he was.... landfall.

Here's a loop of that particular landfall over NC.

And, personally I played at the beach with my daughter in it's distant bands.

Then she went on her honeymoon, without me... to PR where she enjoyed watching Bertha.

After Bertha it was pretty much all out to sea for the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

track.gif (640×512)

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season is KAPUT. What's that you ask? I know I'm not prone to speaking in German, but it definitely describes this past season that ended yesterday. In ways it ended way before yesterday, but being "official" here . . .

It's probably just as well we really didn't need to get to the I storm ISAIAS as I can only imagine how the local weather people would have messed that one up. Can you imagine the terror hearing that there was a Category 4 Hurricane named Isis...  Why can't they just stick with names easy to pronounce? Huh??  My spell checker just told me that ISAIAS was not a word nor a name....

A friend sent me this while I was recovering from Thanksgiving... hmnnn.
Can't argue that one... 

Yup. That's all folks applies to the HURRICANE SEASON...however I'll be here blogging as usual on this upcoming El Nino that will affect this coming winter which feels like it made landfall back in October in some parts. 

I just want to say something about yesterday's travel mess across the country. It could have been way, way worse. For the most part weather cooperated yet people did not. Accidents on I95 slowed down traffic worse than the traffic on Wednesday that was affected by weather. Hmnnn. Mile long waits at Midway to get through security? Ouch... 

Not sure which is worse waiting an hour in security at a major airport or sitting in traffic in Waltersboro southbound in bumper to bumper traffic for no apparent reason. I didn't go back to Florida yet, I may wait until Chanukah or even later and enjoy the beautiful Fall Slash Winter weather in NC this month. Usually this is the time of year I like. You can see through the trees again to watch the sunset and I'm not going out of mind needing to feel warm weather. This afternoon is tee shirt weather, tomorrow is sweaters, jackets and winter is back.

This is one busted forecast I don't mind. They originally said temps would flirt with the 70s, then they pulled it back to mid 60s and it's currently warmer than the forecast high for today.

So.... New York has updated it's winter weather page. Check it out if you live there:

Governor Cuomo is now in charge of the weather for the State of New York. The winter of 2014 - 2015 seems to be a continuation of last winter when every politician in sight blamed the NWS for bad weather. Yup... blame the weather man if you don't like the weather. Hope he is better at it than the NWS because trust me if he is wrong.... he will be kaput, out and no longer governor of New York (his day job) while he is not freelancing as an amateur meteorologist. Can't make stuff like this up...

Yup... imagine there will be much ado to write about this coming winter. 

Goodbye Hurricane Season 2014... Hello Winter... 

Sweet tropical dreams, 

Bobbi Storm
Ps Special thanks to Mike from as I'm loving the little fire place up in the top right of the screen on cold winter nights. He got that just right. The again he gets most everything just right!  Check it out for yourself!!


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