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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Springtime Snow.... and the Miami Heat are HOT!

Sounds like the name of a new variety of magnolias, but no it's the reality of this never ending winter.

Winter came this year and so far has refused to leave. It's got to give up eventually and go back to the North Pole and Santa Claus and Superman's Magic Ice Fortress.

Winter or Spring?
Flowers or Snow?
Boots or Barefoot?
Picnic or Fireplace
Crockpots or BBQ?

So many questions dancing in my head as every day brings a new decision - - -  whether  to wear sandals or leggings... 

I watched on the radar as a cluster of snow showers came down through Virginia and dipped down near by and then bounced northeast off towards the Outer Banks and Elizabeth City. It's sunny here and warming up with dreams of taking a walk to look at the daffodils dancing in my head. The hyacinths that is pushing up through the cold not frozen ground. My lust for snow is giving away to dreams of running barefoot across the yard and dancing with the butterflies. I'm wishing the dogwood would open up and hang poetically over the edge of the deck.. I'm dreaming of sipping coffee on the deck and watching the sun rise early in the morning through the dogwood tree.

I'm dreaming. I'm waiting. I'm wishing. I'm holding on...

Another storm might be waiting in the wings on TWC. They are naming it Virgil or Virgo or some V name. 

That would be an icy mess in the middle of the country. And, if it forms....where will it go?

Keep watching and wishing on summer... 

I know I am... because summer brings the hurricane season and its my time, prime time in my world.

Til then the Miami Heat is amusing me as I keep holding my breath and hoping they will keep on winning and winning and winning... 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... What are you wishing on?


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