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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Saturday In Raleigh NC.. GFS Model Nailed It!

This is how my back yard looked this morning... give or take.  I couldn't take a pic, cause it was Shabbos and that's my day of rest... of course, this morning it was a white, beautiful, snowy day of rest where I sat by the window and stared for hours at the snow come down. Bill from Severe Weather Eastern North Carolina Facebook Group posted that pic..

Last time it snowed up here the snow was falling... I stopped to load the dishwasher and it turned over to rain and no more snow. Not falling for THAT this time. But, this time the GFS delivered... had the ground been frozen and not as warm as it was... we would easily have had 4 to 6 inches. I had close to 2 inches before it began to melt... a little rain mixed with the snow immediately puts a dent in the snow totals. Shame.. but beautiful. Big, fat, flakes... some over 2 inches fluttering to the ground like white butterflies...covering the table on the deck.  Which looked a lot like this picture except I have more woods behind my yard. Is this picture beautiful or what? Robin from the same group posted it online.

Radar Currently looks like this:

What I love about this snow fall is that the GFS called it...they nailed it and no one believed so they took the possible six inches falling and averaged with the other models that showed 1.2.

It's a mathematical solution, accumulation is between 1 and 3... but more fell... and melted. And, now we have rain mixed with snow ...which is odd as this morning we were in the upper 30s and had snow.. go figure. Temperature going down to 25 means everything melting in the rainy-snow mix will freeze.

Brad    posted this the other day... didn't snow as far south, but it was on the money with the Piedmont snow fall.  He does a good job watching the possibilities.

This is what I posted the other day... it verified....

Model for later this weekend in New England... I'd pay close attention...
Reed Timmer posted this on Twitter...

So...that's it :) 

Gonna go sit by the window and stare up at it... 

I chase tropical weather... it's cold out there..

But, in the AM I'll see if there is a snowy sunrise and put on my boots and gloves
and then pack my thin skirts and tee shirts for Florida :)

I knew it would snow before I left... just knew it!

Happened last year... happened this year..

Love it!

It's not a Category 3 Hurricane swirling around in the ocean .. but it's weather and it's mine!

Besos Bobbi


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