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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On the Road Again...

Nothing like seeing a Publix truck to cheer up a Florida Girl after a long while up north. Okay they do have Publix in Georgia ... but you really know you are across the state line when you see the trucks everywhere.

Everyone always forgets how far north Jacksonville Florida is in the South. It's very southern... but it's barely Florida. Always feel more like Georgia to me...    South Savannah... sort of... and then you hit Daytona... south of St. Augustine and you are moving into the real Florida.

Dedicating this morning's weather to the Daytona 500 and linking to Mike's Race Day Forecast... cause their ain't no Hurricanes in Florida this week...

Daytona... "The Great American Race"

Love it really....

On a race day...on any day... Daytona is mind blowing!  Better than Disney I think..

Traveling can be mind blowing sometimes...

There was snow on the road side in Columbia South Carolina... Seemed strange. Strange year.

As for Jax... cold, but warming up but we will be gone soon... on the road further south.

My husband has business... we have family business... Jewish Holiday of Purim... Purim in Miami with my best friends..  Shopping for food for Passover which is not easy to do in Raleigh. Miami Time..

Anyway or  either way it was cold last night.  Winter has reached it's icy grip all the way down into Florida.... down all the way to Miami. My brother told me his dog couldn't decide whether he wanted to stay inside in the warm or go walk on the windy canal with my brother who was wearing some sort of parka as if it's 20 degrees. But... it's all relative.  The dog chose the walk, but he kept shaking himself as if he was freezing.

Got to love the year 2013... face chat, video chat, IM chat... every kind of chat including the old fashioned telephone. On the road south bound while my kids were ahead of us in a rush checking in with their locations and GPS addresses. Spoke to my son in Iowa half asleep and smiling. Texting with my stepdaughter in Arizona... Lord is there any way to really take a "VACATION" anymore? I shouldn't complain.. I love knowing what my kids are listening on that stupid music station that emails me constantly.

Oscars coming up... memories of me being in LA back when Oscar Weekend... thank you know who to that beautiful memory :)

Boat Show in Miami... ..

Always something this time of year...

Spent part of the day in Savannah yesterday, I do so love Savannah. There's a Publix and a nice Starbucks and a great place to watch the sun set. Give me some hanging moss and I am good. I grew up in Miami when we actually had hanging moss all over Coral Gables. I think the last of it blew away in Hurricane Andrew and very little of it grew back. It's a sweet memory though...

Race cars ride by in flatbeds on the way to Daytona. Traveling south on I-95 in February is always a trip... most mentally and physically.

The weather is behind us... tropical storms are months ahead of us...

There's no place like home... I'm taking a shower and going to Whole Foods :)

Besos Bobbi

Really nice hotel....really slow connection... not awake enough to connect the computer to my phone... need a shower..


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