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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny Feel in the Air in Raleigh 29.54 Falling...??

Barometric Pressure is 29.54 and Falling...

It's very gusty one minute and extremely silent and still the next. Odd.. odd for me.

I was told it's very much like the weather in 1988 and when there was "the tornado" however on TV they are extremely laid back and you get the impression they are erring on the side of caution.

I heard what I thought was thunder.. but wasn't.. around the time there was a Weather Spotter in Garner reported a wind gust of 63.2 mph. That'a far off as the crow flies.. maybe the crow flies faster in tornado weather...

Waiting for "the line" to blow through here...

Looks like a "bow echo" to me... down south of here but as the line is moving through at a weird angle.. where will that go through?

Some trees are down and they are concerned with power outages..

Who knows?

Been crazy weather all week.

Snow, Ice, Freezing Fog, Freezing Rain, close to 80 degrees and a cold front tonight with a threat of straight line wind damage and tornadoes...   reminds me of that old musical.. Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight... or is that the other way around?

As for me.. getting slowly better. S L O W L Y.. taking my medicine and drinking my tea and .. watching General Hospital :) and the weather...

This would be one crazy named storm... depression if it was tropical.

Crazy... telling you a funny feeling in the air tonight and I'm not doing a song cue...

.....or maybe it's just the meds and the sound of the wind..........and the weather radio :) and my best friend calling me telling me we have a "torcom of 4" ;)

Thinking there WILL be bad weather somewhere from this system tonight that caused heart breaking loss in Georgia earlier today.  Maybe further west, closer to the coast where the weather is a bit warmer and wetter or... a bit further to the south.

Time will tell........

Besos Bobbi


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