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Friday, July 13, 2012

TGIF, RSW WXR, Wake Up Little Suzy, Mercury Retrograde & Solar Flares

This morning's post is a round robin of tropical thoughts and esoteric trivia that is relevant today as we go into this weekend.

First off.... the main area to watch today is the area off the West Coast of Florida. There was a weak, surface circulation yesterday (over land) near the coast moving west... there has been consistent rain for days in a line from Key West north to Tampa dumping rain on areas already water logged from Debby. There is also an Upper Level Low in the Gulf that will make it hard for anything to really get going. But...we are watching pressures in this area as we watch for the E storm to show his face and stop playing peek a boo!

Going to show 3 views of the same picture here... radar, TV sat and a picture my brother took on his way north towards Tampa.

Radar...note yellow cell off shore

TV Satellite View:

Picture From the Road Looking West... at yellow cell on Radar

(thank you Ron)

Bottom line: 
There are always different ways to look at the same thing... and there is definitely something there. However, surface pressures are still high and it's nothing more than something to watch... or take a picture of on a morning drive to Tampa. Nice of my brother to listen to his sister and drive carefully, but take pics!  

So, if you are flying into RSW you might expect a bit of a bumpy ride, however that is par for the course for that area isn't it? Guess that's why so many people going there go to FLL and drive across the state...or they like the ride or view of the Glades I guess...

Either way................RSW to TPA is a bonanza for weather chasers looking for the perfect picture. As a friend says, "Never Stop Chasing" (Reed always makes me smile) and... from what I have heard my Great-Grandpa spent most of the latter days of his life sitting on the porch overlooking Tampa Bay watching the clouds and the water. Weather watching IS genetic!

Bottom line if you are in the Carolina's you are watching the end of the front that is sitting offshore as there is the smallest sense of  swirl there not the area near SW Florida. Local news shows that spot, not the spot down near the Keys and Tampa...  

And, to me.... bottom line meteorologically... am still watching the ULL in the Bahamas that is moving west, due to move west across the State of Florida. I'm noting more moisture, a continued trend.. and note that big circle of color off the SW Coast of Florida.

And, in the world of the weird.... again am going to mention what Weather Astrologists have been talking about (yes there are some online and offline) .. Mercury is going Retrograde on Saturday. Often weather models do not work right...according to them and mix ups create quirky forecasts and sometimes systems RETROgrade vs doing what they are suppose to do. So, between the solar flares and the mercury retrograde out. i want to say Hurricane Betsy's weirdness was during a Mercury Retrograde...will research that today.

TGIF... So looking forward to Shabbos.... a day to relax, watch the weather outside from the deck if it is not raining too much, take a walk... do some good reading, rest my mind and enjoy good food with family and friends.

Will update this as weather and time permits IF something changes.... at some point the NHC is going to have to break down and put up a yellow circle somewhere.............

Besos Bobbi

Ps... may go see the new Rob Reiner movie this weekend... maybe... break my own rules regarding Rob. Some mean reviewer trashed it and I found myself feeling protective and sorry for him and annoyed at the viewer and I thought it looked nice... um... maybe... possibly... we'll see. Why are people so mean? I was "pissy" not mean and for a reason... something to think on I suppose as the basin is quiet. Or not... enjoy the song.... a great song sung by so many but I chose the this version in honor of annoying brothers everywhere.... Wake Up Little Suzy... ;)  

Moral of the story... well you know the moral of the story.... are they singing "what are we gonna do with your mom???" lol someone should definitely have Crepe Suzettes on Bastille Day! 

I may eat strawberries again but note I am NEVER EVER NEVER going to go see any  movie named Ted or with the name Ted in the title ;) and note I can out sneak some sneaky people any day of the week... never believe everything you "hear"  ....   end note to "crazy friend" et al...


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