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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Miami - South Florida Rain...

I have had so many people send me links or text me mentioning the "swirl" over South Florida and the heavy tropical feel to the air.. etc, etc, etc...

Rain does not make a Tropical Cyclone. You need pressures to drop, to begin with.. it's a start anyway.

Models do not show much... and it seems until a model says something is there we pretend there is nothing there. Reminds me of the Emperor's Clothes Fairy Tale.

There is some sort of hand off of energy from the "rainy area" over South Florida and the ULL to the East of Florida. That ULL is digging and if you watch a long loop you see it beginning to fill in a bit. That means moisture is getting caught up in it.

Bastardi posted this earlier... bizarrely looks like some spin over South Florida. Low Level? Maybe Mid-Level? Weird...

Watch that ULL .... also looks like an ULL to the north of that one is forming off the coast of the Carolinas. A lot going on in this loop. Very busy.

Weird models... mostly models that ignore it. Maybe they are right... maybe they will change.

Look at that long frontal boundary draped across the SE from Texas out past the Carolinas...   worth watching while enjoying the lull in the tropics even though Carolina and Florida are getting soaked by rain........

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