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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rain in Miami.... More on the Way

On a gray, misty morning I'm sitting on the patio listening to Kenny Rogers singing "The Gambler" a song stuck in my head this morning, gray, misty morning...

It's raining and the rain is streaming up from the system in the Caribbean. This is NOT an Afternoon Thunderstorm, though we may get some strong ones this afternoon with a chance of seeing waterspouts if you are lucky enough to be by the beach sipping a Margarita this afternoon.

There is a steady train of moisture (RAIN) streaming NE out of the Caribbean from the system that has no real center and no real name... and yet is causing to much misery to it's north. Though the main direction that moisture is going is NE or NNE there are little storms forming and buckling back to the NW over South Florida. This should continue...  unless the area that was last night centered around 20n and 80w finds it's center. Note areas that blow off look bigger, but a piece of the energy hangs back always and seems rooted at the spot. The European model may  have seen that and may be going with it but hard to say for sure. Systems like this are murky at best.

Also, with the development of Hurricane Bud in the Pacific the winds across the Caribbean will most likely be too strong for Beryl to form on our side of the basin.

Keep watching.

If you are in Miami today...or the Florida fast through the raindrops or take an umbrella..something we Miamians rarely ever do.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... keep watching, today should be the day that tells the story. It forms or it blows off... either way, we have a Flood Watch, we have a Hazardous Weather Statement which is about as tropical as it gets in a month normally known for "dry Mays" and usually when we have a year like this the pattern gets set for wet Caribbean Cruisers that come up at us vs the long tracking Cape Verde storms that hit us from the East... usually.... but you never know for sure until you do a post season wrap up ;)


At 10:59 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

NHC is upping this to a medium and it seems beryl could form off the coast of florida...still watching the part that was left behind south of cuba....


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