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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Florida & The Caribbean Connection... New System?

I'm sitting outside typing this from the screen enclosed patio in Hollywood, listening to the sounds of the palm fronds rustling in the night and there's a train rolling by over near Dixie Highway... some one's wind chimes are dancing about making little cute cymbal like sounds.. my brother is in the house staring at the weather watching for any news on the invest in the Caribbean.

So much action and it isn't even June 1st. Official Navy Site Invest:

Until this system is hard to tell which path it will take. There is talk of planes being sent out should it continue to look threatening. Either way Miami and South Florida is in for more rain..

It was a beautiful night in Miami tonight.... I was on Miami Beach, a block from the ocean at my son's school watching him graduate from High School... my youngest child to graduate from the Hebrew Academy which has made it through many a hurricane and will hopefully make it through this year's Hurricane Season.  Funny how we live and function on the edge of possible destruction every summer and instead of worrying over it...we watch the score from the Miami Heat game...

Time will tell... tomorrow will tell... it was a good night tonight. Had a sushi party out on the porch, he floods hit another suburb today, the rains broke the humidity a bit and the ever constant Miami breeze made life a little more beautiful.

Watch the Carib boil and simmer and let's see what we will see at sunrise. Sushi and Nespresso.... wondering if I will sleep tonight wondering if Beryl will form and come this way this weekend. Whatever happens, we are in monsoon season so we are in the flow... up out of the Caribbean.

Sweet Tropical Dreams...



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