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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Area of Interest in the Caribbean... and a Bounty of Mangoes

It's an interesting area.... if it develops it would track north enough to make Florida and other areas worry.... it could go NE out to sea, many similar systems do... many don't. Many develop down there and go north to or through Florida for points of interest that are looking forward to a Memorial Day Weekend to kick off the "Beach Season" not to kick off the "Hurricane Season."

Down here in Miami .... beach season is all the time... we are in Mango Season, an early mango season. Old timers often tell the weather by the mango crop. This year it was early and came on fast and furious and the trees are LOADED with mangoes, big, heavy, delightfully colored mangoes just hanging there in the humid morning.

These mangoes cover the tree, hundreds of them... wondering on if there are thousands of them, no joke it's a BIG tree. Some so low they almost touch the ground.

They almost touch the high grass, weedy filled with colorful flowers and what seems like billions of butterflies spinning about the scattered flowers. A whole wile world out there this morning. Orange butterflies, white butterflies...sucking nectar and enjoying a break in the weather. There was a rainbow this morning, it lied... it's gonna rain and rain on and off all day...

Women appeared at the door just now... asking to "pick a few mangoes" and they are filling bags with them. To eat, to sell, who knows, who cares.... can't pick em as fast as they are falling, smelling up the yard with a mushy, mango scent that some of my kids love and some of my kids hate. I like it, to me it smells like "home" but well... to each his own.

We have a bounty of mangoes this year, everyone is enjoying them. After they left, you couldn't tell they took any. They took at least 4 bags and yet, the tree is still loaded with mangoes.

A lot like this year's hurricane crop I think.. a lot of tropical troubles down the road this hurricane season.

I know. The mango tree told me so ....

Besos Bobbi
Ps... watching and waiting for that Caribbean rain as I run errands between the showers that are filling the yard with weeds and grass growing higher and higher and the mango pickers get money, the gardeners get rich and the tropical systems just keep coming and it's not even June 1st yet.
Welcome to my world ;)


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