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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Subtropical Storm Sean ... Going Tropical

Sean is currently in transition between Subtropical and Tropical. At the moment he is like half a storm. Tropical on the top, Subtropical on the bottom. Like one of those machines that allows you to have both chocolate and vanilla in the same cone. Mind you he is a tropical dessert that is very far away from land out in the Atlantic between the Bahamas and Bermuda.

It seems from the way the discussion is written at the Hurricane Center than they will update on the next advisory IF he has finished the transition.

He is currently moving erratically or just slowly bobbing about. Official movement is 2 mph North.

The big question is how much this affects Bermuda.

Secondary bonus for beach goers and surfers who like big waves is high surf on the beaches of Florida.

It's really a moot point if it's tropical or subtropical. It's a complicated bar a storm has to reach depending on the wind field and how much it works it's way down to the surface and other discussion that is not that important. If you are a ship at sea you need to know it's out there no matter if its tropical or subtropical. Somehow, being "Tropical" makes it more "real" to us watching at home on our computers or reading advisories on our cellphones I suppose.

Have a beautiful, breezy day if you live in South Florida. The winds are dying down, but the palm fronds are still moving about making it a picture perfect day in the Tropics.

Besos Bobbi


At 4:01 AM, Anonymous Jay Schwartz said...

"The winds are dying down, but the palm fronds are still moving about making it a picture perfect day in the Tropics." - At the end of day ... isn't that what living 'south of the border' is all about?

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