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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tropical Speculation - - Development "Around" Florida

It's like east, west and all around the town everyone is wondering if something will develop somewhere "around" Florida later this weekend.

Meanwhile, the NHC has yet to so much as give one small yellow circle with even a 0% chance of forming. I keep watching for the NHC to blink, and until they blink I'm keeping my eyes closed. Not looking for tropical trouble this weekend in Florida, next week after that maybe but preferably not this weekend.

Anytime you have a stalled out front, lingering off the coast of Florida and dipping down into the Florida Straits a bit.... you will have people watching for tropical development to form somewhere along that frontal boundary.

One of the issues that will need to be dealt with if something does look like it's forming and that is somewhat low water temps off the East Coast of Florida for this time of year. Water is warmer in the Gulf, more consistent and if something forms it might just be extra-tropical or sub-tropical or the ever popular Hybrid sort of storm that causes a rocky spate of days of rough weather. And, then IF it does form, where does it go? The easy money for now has been on the Carolinas, specifically South Carolina. Though some models imply that it could linger around Florida and move into the Gulf.

Anything goes right now when speculation is on the table, but until there is a yellow circle on the map from the NHC we are just shooting the tropical breeze.

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