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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs Changed the Ways We Track Hurricanes--still waiting on tropical trouble

May I suggest the time table for development has been pushed off a day or two to the beginning of next week. The Jewish Holiday of Sukkos often falls out during an October tropical event. We make these cute little temporary dwellings that we put up in our yards somewhere and that look a bit like a Tahitian hut in Miami where we use palm fronds for the roof and thatched walls to let the breeze in... often the breeze gets real strong.

Floyd in 1986

Wilma in 2005 and a whole lot of other October storms have blown through South Florida this time of year. (Wilma messed up Sukkos in Miami...and Simchas Torah but oh what a memory it was)

So far...there is not much to track except the various, varying tropical models that are predicting something to form and mess up the weather by the middle of next week.

Now you might be reading that on a website on the computer or you may be tracking on your IPhone or IPad. Most likely you are using some App and well it's just an example of how the world was changed by Steve Jobs and others who tried to copy his success.

Here are a few of the Apps that come up as available to use for storm trackers:

Steve Jobs changed my world, he changed a lot of worlds and they say imitation is the best form of flattery and there are a lot of cellphones being designed today to look just like the IPhone and yet they aren't because no one can ever steal that excitement of the newness of falling in love for the first time and the world fell in love with Apple a long time ago.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Ps thanks for all the versions of this song that someone has sent me...
thank you Steven...


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