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Friday, October 07, 2011

Pin the Tail on the Tropical Trouble -- NHC shows no circle

The most hyped hybrid of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is the storm that may or may not be forming and may or may not be of a tropical nature down in the Florida Straits.

There is an upper level low in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico that is spinning a bit but it is not at the surface. There is moisture and some convergence down in the Florida Straits but no low pressures as of yet. It's rainy in the Miami area today and it will be tomorrow.

So what do we know? There are very strong RIP CURRENTS out there today because of the very strong Easterly flow so be VERY CAREFUL at the beach this weekend! That's a given, storm or no storm.

If I was betting on this and I am not a betting person I'd keep my eyes on the Florida Straits just south of the Keys.

Key West Forecast Discussion is interesting:

Keep watching. There is the slightest hint of something beginning to spin down there, however until the NHC puts a circle on their website's map I'm not ready to call it tropical. And, I imagine the pressure is big for them to do so but am thinking Bill Read is probably thinking the NWS should be handling this unless it is really tropical and becomes Rina.

So, the game is on and the clock is ticking, yet the name of the game this morning seems to be Indecision.

Besos Bobbi <---Great Jimmy Buffett song in honor of the day.... don cha know ;)


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