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Monday, October 03, 2011

Extreme Weather -- Snow in PA but 90s in South Dakota...

This is extreme weather going on, not normal, everyday football fall weather as people in South Dakota and Minnesota were most likely dressed warmer for football this weekend then people in the Carolinas where everyone was wearing sweaters and jackets.

There is an imbalance in the flow and all the air is either north out of the South with warm weather heating up the middle of the country and the East and South got a blast of Artic air on the other side of that atmospheric choo choo train.

Dave Schwartz, who must be somewhere these days, used to illustrate this often on the old TWC. He would always say, anytime you have that much air moving in one direction south you have it moving north somewhere else. October is that time of year. There is a deep tropical fetch moving north across the Atlantic on the tail of Ophelia which still had tropical storm force winds up near Avalon who got yet another tropical storm this year. That same meteor like tail is making it impossible for Philippe to get his act together and probably will put the kabosh on the rest of the Atlantic part of the Hurricane Season. In the mountains of the Appalachia it's snowing on areas that should be showing fall foliage still. And, in Benson Minnesota it was suntan weather as the high was 84.t

Quirky, extreme weather and it all depends where you are as to what clothes you are wearing this morning.

Miami had it's first real "cold front" which may seem not so cold to you, but it was cooler in Miami than it was in Minnesota at times yesterday. Cool being relative as everything else in this world is... It was in the 70s not the 80s and a walk on the canal was downright chilly at sunrise.

I'm wondering if we are even going to have Fall this year, because the only things falling are temperatures in the East. Leaves are falling off trees in North Carolina that have barely turned light yellow.

Take a peak and find your favorite town, move the interactive map around and see the extreme differences in temperatures out there yesterday. Go west and see how warm it was, go east and see where the cool temperatures start.

As for the tropics... it's just been a weird year and it's getting weirder. Except for Irene who was weird in that she actually made landfall at Coney Island Beach with no weather and dumped lots of her weather on upstate NY and Vermont.... they have been the most mediocre storms we have seen in years, forming one after another as if someone sprinkled fairy dust in their circulation and they were all smoking something psychedelic and could not seem to figure out how to do anything but follow the leader. Yes, storms often recurve but not like this and this was supposed to be a year where the Atlantic Coast was more open to landfalling storms than normally. Which just goes to show you how little we know about predicting hurricane seasons from a cool vantage point in February of the year before. Also... in many other years most of these storms would never have gotten names. In the old days when Bob Sheets was around and a stickler for details and verification a good third of these named storms would not have made depression status yet alone received a name. We'd be back around Irene by now vs wondering on if we will finish the alphabet with storms forming down in the Caribbean.

Speaking of the Caribbean, there is something happening down there possibly. A sort of beginning of a spin or more so a coagulation of stormy weather that could spin so it needs to be watched. Also, the cold front that brought nippy temperatures to the beaches of South Florida this morning could be a spawning ground for the next area to watch as the moisture will linger the ocean temps are still very warm and it's common for something to form off early Fall cold fronts this time of year. The models are playing with that possible scenario like bored boys with no electric trying to play jacks.

It really blows away all the other sites as it's fast, easy, visual and informative. It's like looking at a menu in your favorite restaurant and trying to figure out what you want to eat next and how many courses you are up for... it's amazing. Don't get me wrong I still look at HurrCity and Canetalk and but he did an awesome job with this site and.... you can even click on a link to the latest fall sweaters at Victoria Secrets. Kudos... incredible. Tempted to make it my home page.

As for me.... got so much going on today to take care of as I come out from the fog of the Jewish New Year and get off of the sugar/honey high we are all on and come down to life at the gym and eating healthy again. Yes, I did serve a lot of salads and vegetables but there is nothing in the world as good as honey on challah bread, preferably raisin challah! It's a taste of childhood that never grows old.

I really think the Carib needs to be watched even though the buzz is to watch the area off of the coast of Florida.

As for the rest of the season, let me say this about that.

The Dolphin season is over unless Sparano goes now. Unless that's the strategy, that we play so poorly the rest of the year that we can luck out and get Andrew Luck next year in the draft.

Oh you meant Hurricane Season? Well, I like the Canes newest coach... see how a new coach can help spruce up the team???

Oh you meant the Tropical Hurricane Season????

Let me say this.... sometimes the young ones in a family have a real measure of spunk that the lazy ole dogs don't have anymore. Sometimes you got to watch those younger ones as they can be real memorable. Maybe Rina will form or Sean and it will be some big Mitch or Wilma sort of storm. You never know. Why they went with Sean and not Sam I'll never know, doesn't sound awfully tropical to me yet I know a few Sams who hide out in the Cayman Islands.

Whatever you do today, do it with joy and enthusiasm and passion!!

Live a life less ordinary! Gives you something to look back on and giggle ;) <------ Song

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi

Ps Wish List that is going to be crossed off the list real soon... look, it's got a weather word in the weblink, how cool is that???


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