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Sunday, October 02, 2011

2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season On Auto Pilot....

Ophelia has 100mph winds east of Cape Cod moving NE and out to sea. For now Ireland is supposedly safe as it won't make it to Europe. Why are the storms so strong so far north this year when it's pretty cool up there and the water should not be THAT hot. Sort of a mystery if you ask me. Or weird science???

Philippe is doing the same dance.

I've been really, really busy with the Jewish High Holy Days and had a really wonderful time but I've been unable to follow the exact details of the last two storms that are doing the same dance in the Atlantic once again...

Look at them:

Irene's the only one of the Atlantic Dancers to get away...

What a season, tracing with my eyes closed the tracks one on top of the other.

Going to start over in the morning.

Meanwhile... it snowed in West Virginia today.... early, early snowfall.

Going to sleep and let the tropical world turn without me tonight. The Fins lost. The Gators lost. Been a losing 24 hours for the State of Florida. Is Henne out for the season or just today's game I wonder?

Can we get Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the Dolphins Main Offices and demand Tony Sparano step down?

Great song below. Danced to it this afternoon at Bellywood Dance Classes at the Gym.

Sweet Tropical Dreams....



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