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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tale of 2 Storms...Katia and Soon To Be Lee


Soon to be Lee? Or eventually Lee??

Not sure I have ever seen so much hype about a storm that has not yet formed and not yet received a name. It doesn't even have a designated number... yet they are are evacuating from oil rigs in the Gulf already before the first advisory has been written.

Katia in the Atlantic looks beautiful, but far away and a crazy storm in the Gulf Of Mexico closer to home is getting all the media attention.

Note just the words "storm in the Gulf" and these are all the news links that came up in a Google Search:

U.S. Gulf coast should watch for possible storm-NHC‎
Reuters - Erwin Seba - Kristen Hays - 1 hour ago
Interests along the entire northern Gulf of Mexico coast should monitor the ... became a tropical storm, could pass over the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. ...
Baltimore Sun (blog)
Katia a hurricane, but too early to talk threat‎
9&10 News -
all 914 news articles » RDS.A - APC
USA Today

Gasoline Strengthens Amid Threat of Storm Forming in Gulf Coast‎
Bloomberg - Paul Burkhardt - 2 hours ago
... in the Gulf of Mexico may become a tropical depression in the next day, ... is the possibility of the storm affecting refineries,” said Phil Flynn, ...
Blog: Gulf facililties move more ashore‎ Houston Chronicle (blog)
Energy cos. jump on brewing storms, Middle East‎ BusinessWeek
The Shut-In Begins‎ Inside Futures
Wall Street Journal - Reuters
all 55 news articles » APC - BP - CVX
Upstream Online

Okay.... so I mean what can you say about a storm that makes Emily look good. The models are all over the place and I do mean all over the place. This is where landfall will occur, according to the models:

Yet, I heard them advise people on TWC just now to "GAS UP THE CAR NOW" as lines may develop early ahead of the Labor Day Weekend. True... still to advise people to gas up now (vs buy some extra supplies) is a little nuts if you ask me and adds to people tending to freak before they know if they need to freak. Then again, seems we won't know where she goes for a while.

The problem with the Gulf is that storms spin up fast, really FAST and before you know it the storm is moving on shore from just off shore.

So...where will it go? I won't give my thoughts until it at least has an advisory.

Next name: Lee

As for Katia, seriously not thrilled with the latest models and though I would love to believe in a fish storm curving out to sea... the Outer Banks don't need another storm right now, even a brush with storm surf and there might be more than 200 feet missing from a few fishing piers.

Stay tuned... the Gulf is hot, hot, hot and somewhere, somehow, something is going to develop and dampen a lot of people's plans for the Labor Day weekend.

Besos Bobbi


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