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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ophelia Westbound, Hilary in the Pacific, Space Junk Still Falling

Ophelia is still westbound moving through the tropical Atlantic confounding forecasters who want to weaken her as per some of the models. The discussion out of the NHC covers all of the reasons she should be weaker or might be stronger and are really just not sure how strong she is but why they are going with their data and . .

The truth is she is what she is and all the modeling packages arguing with each other will not change that. Models only show the tendency and probability of what her future movement will be.

The long range track remains the same, curves out to sea and misses Florida after possibly soaking the islands.

Latest Advisory:
Location: 13.4°N 47.0°W
Max sustained: 65 mph
Moving: W at 14 mph
Min pressure: 994 mb


Tropical Hyperbole:

Bottom line:

Keep watching, she's out there and moving west towards land...that IS the bottom line.

There is a lot of shear aimed at Tropical Storm Ophelia keeping her weak, the steering currents will most likely turn her before the islands and she will go where most of the other storms before her went this season. But, until she turns keep watching. There is also some argument as to how strong she will be after she makes the turn....weak storm barely holding on or stronger, possibly a hurricane. Time will tell that story, enjoy watching it play out live on your local news station or satellite imagery.

There is a new wave coming off the coast of Africa, however it is a little late in the year. There is also a small wave flaring up IN the Caribbean but currently the NHC gives it a zero chance of developing, however it is featured on their map.

In the Pacific Hilary is flirting with Hurricane Status, clinging to the coast but off shore as the storms there usually do.

The Space Junk the size of a school bus is still falling towards Earth.

Keep safe, have fun and enjoy the fresh air that September always brings.

As for me, today is a travel day so I'm on the road and my posts will be few and far between and most likely not have a lot of pictures. Despite being the peak of the season this season has been a strange one and filled with mostly weak, forgettable tropical storms. Except for the one that got away... Irene and they are still cleaning up Irene.

Besos Bobbi
Ps Am I the only one that thinks it's ironic that that a space satellite designed to monitor global temperature and global warming is crashing to earth out of control in a free fall tumble about to pollute the Earth? There should be a better way of handling space junk and I've got to tell you, we have left a whole lot of junk up in space that only has one place to go in the end.


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