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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ophelia Moves West. Roce Hits Japan.Where Will the Space Junk Hit?

So many questions here that beg answers and we will just have to wait it out it seems.

Let's take them apart, one by one and deal with the Tropical Atlantic question first.

For now it seems that Ophelia will most probably make the turn, though some models beg to differ the popular models curve her up through the islands. You got to wonder what kind of special force field Florida has up this year and who they paid off for the storms to go somewhere else.

It is possible that the models that take her totally into the Caribbean that are being discounted could see a formation of the center further to the south. She is currently under strong shear and her convection is displaced to the West while she has a VERY large, strong band of convection to her south that seems somewhat anchored in a rich tropical soupy flow.

Will see but for now Puerto Rico is destined it seems to get more rain while Texas can't get any and Japan is getting too much.

Roce, pronounced Rouge-K is giving Japan yet more tropical troubles. One has to wonder what they did to upset Mother Nature to have this many problems in one calendar year :( A big concern seems to be that rain water does not mix with nuclear water and well the link to that story is here:

Posters at are covering this quite thoroughly so you might want to go there for more information.

Another great link posted there shows a hit on the Tampa area in the distant future. Then again the same model had a storm hitting further up the coast yesterday so I would not bet the farm on this landfalling puppy. Sorry for the long link, I never majored it computer programming and am in too weird a mood to try and find another source. Nice long term computer game like graphic tho...

Yesterday though I received this image so ...for now am assuming garbage in and garbage out. See...I did learn something from all those computer geeksters I used to date. Cute men who seemed to want to take over the world . . .

So, as there does seem to be a tendency to develop some storm down in the Carib in a week or two or three... someone, somewhere along the Gulf might want to watch this trend in the world of tropical models.

If only we could get a big, sloppy Tropical Storm to rain on Texas...

As for the Saga of the Space Junk.... keep looking up and saying your prayers. By the way, that one out of 3,200 chance that it will hit someone means on the entire planet, your own chance of being hit is more like one in millions. But, if you really need something to worry on with today's economy and the weird weather of 2011 and the fires in Texas or earthquakes in Alaska, Peru, Fiji and Japan... continue worrying on the Space Junk that is falling somewhere possibly in a neighborhood near you.

Lastly, I noticed somewhere...that the Farrelly Brothers have a release date for Spring of 2012. March..April. My question is how could they release a film that has not yet been filmed. Sounds like pre-filming, publicity to me... said it before and will say it again. Forget hiring actors... let Bobby, Peter and Bennett do the acting and the movie will be a bigger hit that the one about whats her name.

Besos Bobbi

Ps, yeah am in a pissy mood. I am tired of Mark Zuckerberg or whoever the powers that be are these days at Facebook who need to change things every day and send me long, graphical tutorials before I have even had a chance to sip my coffee. I mean seriously? Really??? Trust me Sean Parker was a lot more fun and I'm wishing we still have Myspace at this point. Again, computer programmers seem to know a lot more about programming machines than programs of the heart. And, I am not even going to discuss which sounds more like some sort of online disease than an alternative news source.


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