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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ophelia Misbehavin' and 30% Chance on Cape Verde Wave

Brief short post here just to say that Ophelia continues to misbehave and not do what the NHC had hoped she would do which was to die a slow death this afternoon. After a lot of hinting at how weak she was and how poor she looked and how she might not survive she's stronger than she was and confounding those in the know a bit as to how she is hanging in there.

So, it seems we will have Ophelia to kick around a little bit longer, maybe much longer.

And, in the far Atlantic is a beautiful tropical wave that has a 30% chance of forming into a Tropical Storm. Maybe..most likely. My gosh the wave has better structure than Ophelia.

So stay tuned and keep looking up for that 300 pound satellite part that is going to fall somewhere but we don't know where...

Sweet Tropical Dreams



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