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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Katia & Storms That Have Yet to Form

So, I'm watching a Red Sox/Yankees game and the moment I start watching the Yankees come from behind and tie up the game. Am I a superstitious person? I don't know but if it's 3 and out in the next inning for the Red Sox I may turn it off.

In a few days we might have three storms on the maps.

What will Katia do? Probably curve out to sea, but just as probably she could move back towards the west and flirt with landfall. The reason we can't say for sure she is a fish is because other things are happening in the tropical world that have not happened yet.

We live in a world of models predicting development and they are currently doing that. Oil rigs are already pulling people off oil rigs and there is not even a tropical depression. Why? Private sector meteorologists who do private forecasting for specific companies and they don't have to worry on anything but getting their specific forecast correct. If they are wrong, clients don't keep paying them.

There are some funky models that show the system in the Gulf doing kinky things that cannot be properly explained here. It forms, it loops, it loops dee doops.. and if it does form will it have any interaction with Katia far off in the Atlantic moving west fast.

This is the graphic that shows mariners, going into a Labor Day Weekend where there might be hazards.

Tomorrow I will do a more in depth blog. Yesterday was traveling day and today was getting back to normal day. Am sore from Pilates and annoyed that the Red Sox are currently losing 5 to 4 of all scores to the Yankees.

Only time will tell what forms tomorrow and where exactly it will go.

Currently the Gulf Coast from the Tx/La border to Florida better pay attention tomorrow morning.

As for me... Jason Varitek just made a Home Run. Tied score.

Maybe tomorrow night at this time we will have two storms, for tonight it's just all speculation.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

Ps... I'm fine, just really tired from traveling and need one night to relax a bit more before I start going model crazy ;)


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