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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Questions in the Tropics & Twisters in New England

The Wrong Way Corrigan system in the Gulf is headed towards the Tex Mex border, NHC is not playing with it despite what looks like banding and some organization as the models don't like it. However, wondering where that moisture will go after it goes inland, will it get swept up into the plains or on towards Mexico. Funky little no name system to watch. Short life, traveled a lot, didn't do much but caught everyone's attention.

As for the system in the Carib, it still needs watching and more so needs waiting. It has a lot of shear over it right now so the storms are getting blown off to the east and yet they keep cranking up. There is a tropical wave that is weak and supposedly going to connect with this area which sometimes provides the spark needed to make a big bang in the tropics. Time will tell but for now it is generating a lot of color on the satellite imagery.

Sad, poignant pictures of the damage in New England from a twister that took the steeple off of a beautiful church and caused massive damage there far from the Plains where we expect twisters to be.

I think this is a year when anything will be possible tropically speaking and we shouldn't count much out. It's been a funky year with weather in places we didn't expect at times we didn't expect, and I don't see anything that makes me believe that the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be much different.

Often when we have an active year after an active year where few systems made landfall, we end up with similar storms but many landfalls. Something to think on a bit while we make our lists of things we need for later this year when storms will have names, strength and destinations.

I keep thinking on the third week in August... possibly an early Cape Verde Season, some early July crawlers that creep out of the Caribbean towards the north, freaky and fast June system and of course that big strong high that seems set up in place, if only we have viable waves...

So many questions... the answers will be written in the wind later this summer.

Besos Bobbistorm


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