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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Is Arlene Trying to Form in The Carib? If so...where does she go???

Woke up to a really good up of Coffee this morning, the tropical update on and the Sunday Paper on my doorstep. Smells like summer is in the air... and there is a beautiful little round tropical bubble down in the Caribbean with models taking it just about anywhere, if only she would form...

A few errant ones take her into the Gulf of Mexico, a few out NE into the Atlantic and some split the difference and take her north towards Florida. Sort of a Kokomo mix. Perhaps the wanna be Arlene woke up with that song in her mind this morning? I can understand why, I was storm chasing with my baby brother three weeks ago down there and got some awesome pics and a great Mango something or other which I sipped while watching the storm finally rain itself out after the waterspouts danced away from us on their way out into the Atlantic.
It really IS a place, on that the Miami Realtor who posted this is right, but it's a state of mind more easily achieved when you are living in the Keys! We took that awesome pic at the point of land on the beach, where I knew we could get a good panorama view of the squall line.. and a drink ;)

So.... as you spend your Sunday doing your Sunday things, if you live in the Tropics or more specifically Miami, the Florida Keys or you are anchored on your father's old sailboat docked in Key Largo.... keep an eye on the tropics and check back here later this evening to see if this disturbance which is now at Code Orange with a 30% chance of forming has formed or blown away in the tropical breeze.

Besos BobbiStorm


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