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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storm Death Count Hits 24 as Clean Up Continues

High, but nowhere near as high as in years back when the Weather Service was not able to warn people as well as they can now in today's modern era of online warnings, television scroll warnings, text messages and every friend you know on Facebook reporting the news and the weather.

A look back into history shows us how lucky we are in today's modern world.

Some great video online everywhere, this video below shows the storm system as it descended upon downtown Raleigh. There has been massive damage in Moore Park with many centuries old trees damaged and uprooted and a friend who works at the RBC Bank Building downtown said that many of the windows were blown out. This was a direct hit on a major downtown area, something rarely seen but a good reminder that they don't only hit trailer parks out in rural areas.

Another shot from a video online:

Going out to do some shopping ...where I can for what I need and will post pics and info later as things become more official as to what is really going on. Much of Raleigh has no power but thankfully my area does. Events like this really make you appreciate how lucky you are when you are not hit and how lucky you are when you are hit and your lives are spared. I have a lot of friends with pitted cars from the hail and trees in their living rooms. Personally, the trees up here really make me nervous when there is a weather event. I prefer my palm trees to pine trees. Once I was outside watering some flowers and out of the corner of my eye this big, tall pine tree just "timber like" came crashing down slowly, barely missing the corner of the house. Someone came running out to make sure if I was okay. I was not okay mentally, I was like "A TREE JUST FELL DOWN....there was NO WIND...NOTHING... just TIMBER... SLAM BAM onto the ground" He looked up and said, "yeah they do that sometimes" and went back in the house. Huh??? Well, they don't do THAT in Florida I can tell you that. Something about old wood, rot, my opinion there are way too many trees too close to homes but hey some people like that it seems.

Me, I like a good clear view of the sky when a storm is coming in and being able to watch the sunrise and the sunset every day. But, you have to enjoy where you are at and the Azalea today here in Raleigh is beautiful, pink, purple, rose colored and next time I return the Hydrangeas should be in bloom. There are a few dogwood flowers clinging to the tree, yesterday it was white still.. Stupid storm, I feel guilty being upset about the loss of the dogwood blooms when so many people lost so much more.

More later... Bobbi


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