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Friday, April 15, 2011

So...Sort of Been on Hiatus Getting Ready for Passover

Got to be honest here. Between having to take care of some family things and cleaning for Passover and buying food for Passover... which is sort of like a scavenger hunt where I am for Passover this year. One store has Kosher for Passover Mayo, another store has Kosher for Passover Ketchup. Kroger got in Kosher for Passover Coke which is a rarity in these parts and is made WITHOUT Corn Syrup so it tastes like the old stuff you remember as a kid and is ten times healthier than the new stuff that is not Kosher for Passover. Trader Joes brought in a few wines, Sara Bee wine which is Kosher and bubbly and tastes a bit fruity. Alas so far the red wines have not reached the East Coast but heard in LA Trader Joes has about 5 different really good wines.

Yes... am definitely OCD on Passover right now which is fine, because the football season is far away and the Hurricane Season is also far away..

After Passover is done, I will be writing more seriously on the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2011 or possibly even something forming in the Pacific which begins on May 15th, two weeks before our season.

So, just a note of explanation I have not Gone Fishin' as much as I have Gone Shoppin' and will soon be Cookin' my cherry, delicious chicken and my carrot nut cakes and Turkey with all the trimmings (potato stuffing, of course) and will be relaxing and enjoying Spring and family.

So... sorry for not writing and being in touch (this message is for you know who you are especially, you know how to find me you really need me to blog??? All you got to do is whistle and not a day goes by in my life (as you once said) that you do not touch me... so end big parenthesis) forgive my absence but it is without malice just taking a Spring Vacation.

Enjoy life, be good to others, do acts of goodness and kindness, enjoy the weather and if you don't like the weather... go to wherever there is weather you like. If you don't go after something you love in life then you are just spending your life on dream mode. Live, engage, love, enjoy.. be happy...

Besos Bobbi

Ps ...some great songs to enjoy by...the children of some of my closest friends over time ;) Such talented parents, such talented kids... and remember the Best is Yet to Come when it comes to the Hurricane Season of 2011 ;)

Miami's own Aaron Holder

"Ya'alili" by 8th Day: The official music video
(this video by the talented Marcus Brothers band 8th Day is taking Israel by storm.... )

Real Passover Song...

(that's what I'll be listening to while I clean and cook and a lot of Jimmy Buffett)


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