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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Yasi and Sugar Futures

The picture above is of Yasi at landfall as it passed over Willis Island, taking out the meteorological equipment there and doing damage that is still being assessed and will be for sometimes. Yasi was at one point a Category 5 storm, very large and it is very rare for that region to be impacted by such a storm. News stories abound everywhere even if you have one eye on Egypt like many of us do here in America.

I love reading stories on the Bloomberg report about cyclones in Australia because it illustrates the point that weather relates to economics and often political events.

It seems that sugar was up yesterday sky high in anticipation of damage to the crops in Australia from the very powerful cyclone Yasi. What most people on our side of the world don't know is that Australia is the third largest sugar producer in the world.

After some inspection of the crops the damage was not as bad, as previously feared and down the price of sugar went to a price that will make people who are hooked on sugar relieved enough to use an extra teaspoon in their morning coffee today.

Yasi, a storm bigger than Katrina, could have seriously impacted the cost of sugar on a worldwide scale even far away in a land down under.

Weather is a great lesson on how some event far away can rock your world in ways you would never imagine.

Personally, I use honey or agave syrup but hey to each his own

May your day be sweet and full of flavor ;)

Besos Bobbi


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