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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Weather Roundup

High on medication and coming off a bad something and lost on the computer this morning :)

Listening to youtube videos of songs that I know by heart so I don't even have to peek at the video, just listen. If you were ever lucky enough to know someone like Ferris, give thanks and smile. Yes, life is sometimes like a Hollywood music number.

Or a Bollywood musical number:

(okay I have been known to be wrong a few times, seems I do like Indian food and music...)

The Ground Hog might have his last laugh and Spring could come early, it's possible but then again depends on where you live.

Got stuck in the Carolinas longer than I planned cause I got sicker than I planned, though I really didn't plan on being sick.... maybe it's the cold, damp weather and cold wind that is bothering my allergies and breathing but hopefully will be back in the Florida sunshine in a few days.

I would not fly with this "head cold" or would not subject passengers on a train to my nonstop, hacking cough. I did wonder if they would upgrade me for free to a room if I looked like I was about to die on them (God Forbid) and/or scared every passenger on the train....

So, watching the sun light up the steeple off in the distance, visible through the wintry peek a boo woods and wondering if the smell of mango blossoms baking in 80 degree heat will bother my allergies or just make me smile like a sultry memory?

I love winter up north because you can see the sky, in the summer it is a wall of green and nothing can be seen except heavy foliage everywhere. If I want to see a forest I'll go to the friggin forest and enjoy it's natural beauty but not in my own backyard.

It's cold today, -8 in Des Moines Iowa where one of my kid's lives. Is that life imitating art or what? Or is "art" what I do with my friend? Don't know, the jury is out on this one.

The Jury is out on a lot of things. Maybe I have lost my sense of humor, but have seen one commercial too many times and not laughed once yet :(

I am the only person I know who worries something could be a bomb and how the fallout will affect my life. Okay, so not every post has to be about weather and not every movie has to be an all time, once in a life time hit. Then again, maybe I have just lost my sense of humor. (thinking on that, no... don't think so)

My phone rings at like 3am but I missed it, that is like a tree falling in the forest. The princess is traveling through said forest and looks down at her cell fone and says "oh no there is a tree down up ahead that I didn't hear fall but thank God I was texted so I know it's there" and well maybe they heard me coughing. Not sure how they "hear me" but I know they do so sorry for waking everyone up with that really bad cough.

So, Negative Eight Degrees in Iowa...that is cold Virginia...

In Miami it's a going to get near a balmy 80 degrees today, though it's in the 60s currently. In New York it's raining and in the upper 30s but no one cares because Spring is coming and people are booking tickets to Miami faster than you can shovel a sidewalk.

It's winters like this that made Miami what it is... a paradise in the winter. A perfect place if you like water and palm trees and tropical breezes and hibicus flowers baking in the sunshine all colors of the rainbow from Flamingo Pink to Peter Farrelly Yellow and a few shades of red in between, even a rare white hibiscus can be seen. Frangipangi blossoms will appear soon, then Poinciana blossoms...who says we don't get seasons??

Raleigh is bad enough, could never do Atlanta...too far from the ocean and I was conceived there....isn't that enough for one lifetime?

New Orleans...there is a city.

Savannah...there is a memory.

So, life in February is simple enough.... it's a short month, at the end of the road it will feel like April not March if Greg Fishel has his way as he has aligned up with Punxsutawney Phil to say "Spring cometh early" this year. And, I am wondering why Punxsutawney Phil gets more press than Phil Klotzbach who is one heck of a good weatherman and forecaster.

Greg Fishel is to weather in Raleigh as Brian Norcross is to tropical meteorology in Miami. He is the final voice, the go to guy, the honest voice in the Carolina night saying "something about this bothers me" and standing up to ask questions about a possible snowfall or explaining why Virga happens more than rain in this area. I mean the radar shows green, yet it's dry outside. Once I saw a cluster of snow showers race off above my head on the radar, yet not one made it to the ground.

In Miami it rains even when you can't see it on the radar yet and the NWS didn't have time to issue an "Urban Flood Advisory" which happens a lot...

Then again in Raleigh they can't figure out if it is going to snow 48 hours out, which to me is pathetic but I am learning. Course, am really just visiting but it's like Minnesota, I "lived" there a few times in the summer and I got used to hearing about the front coming in from the Dakotas and I do love Minnesota... it's clean, but it's far, far away from tropical sunrises on Collins so think twice before going there young man. (test to see if my son is reading this...)

So, what more is there to say that shouldn't be said?

Oh, so much. I am the keeper of secrets and secrets are kept here better than at the CIA as they put everything up on the web for all to see don't they? Giggling, note to Bobbi: Do NOT Giggle.... makes you cough and wheeze.

Amazing site... can learn almost anything on this site, truly.

Anyway..... a special shout out to my special friend who reads my mind and knows me better than I know myself for coming to my rescue this morning and have to tell you that dancing is a wonderful thing, truly it is especially when conversation is so fluidly done that it's seamless and delightful and saves your soul and gives you a smile to get you through the days when you are fighting off colds and other gremlins that go bump in the night or morning.

Is it just me or did they steal this opening for the Andy Griffith Show??

And, though I like the miscellaneous one better this fits... you know. Transparency? Seriously??? It's filmed in Canada NOT Kansas, I mean really even Superman got outsourced???


Mucho Besos

Ps. There is ALWAYS a Ps.... a good site for next year when hurricanes threaten the Carolinas and I am at the beach in Miami watching a storm surge slap the sand with strong waves and incredible winds that grab at your ankles and sting your face with salty kisses


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