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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing Tropical Today... Piano Bar Finds a Home

Nothing tropical to say here and will write more tomorrow on the weather and life.

Just reporting what everyone already knows... the Piano has found a home, the Bar in the Bay is closed and as always a Miami story has legs that go beyond the First Act.

The "artist" who decided to play a prank of sorts in an Artistic way turns out to be the son of the Production Designer from Burn Notice, a Miami based TV series that my son loves to watch. His son, the teenager in question did the "Art Project" with the help of his father back around New Years Day but it only became an issue when Newspapers around the world began playing the story of the Piano Bar online where it became a Viral sort of hit in the Artsy Farsty world of make believe Miami.

In a world where they haul Pink Snails around Miami as some sort of Art Display and part of a World Wide "Art Event" the idea of a Piano being left on a sandbar conjuring up images that tear at the soul worldwide did not seem like such a bad thing to do I suppose.

Is it better to block the beautiful views on the Venetian Causeway with Barbie Doll Pink Snails or leave a piano resting on a sandbar giving people a moment to pause and smile at the suggestion of a Piano Bar and warn boaters of the shallowness of Biscayne Bay?

Not sure.

As to the question posed here by Sherri....yes it was a cute prank from my perspective, an artist sort of prank or more a project I suppose.

Teenagers love to do pranks, interesting though how a grown man... a father would go along and play the prank with them, I mean teens are teens but I suppose in this case the apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? I mean.. most fathers would say "are you out of your mind??" and chuckle when the teen is gone at the possibilities. Yet, here we have a father who jumps in for whatever reason I don't know and helps a teen do a prank. In this case it didn't really cause a lot of panic now did it? I mean there was no Category Five Storm headed for Miami Shores by way of Miami Beach was there? And, what's a little more driftwood in the Bay? Still, laws I suppose were broken and the authorities were nice to let it go and the piano seems to have found a home down in the Deep Southwest part of Miami where it will most likely rot away, devoured by termites or blow into someone else's yard in the next Hurricane.

Not all pranks are so simple or cute. Some pranks are funny to the person doing the prank, giving them some amusement in what must be an otherwise sort of ordinary life and yet creating problems for the person who the prank has been done to... again they probably don't see the humor. Maybe they just don't have a good sense of humor though comic minds are not all alike are they? One person likes puns and one person likes slapstick, one person likes scatological humor and another person watches Shakespearean Comedy.

As long as we don't hurt other people... a prank or two can be funny. Sometimes pranks get out of hand... this one did not and hopefully people far away in Montreal decide to book a flight down to Miami and see for themselves up close and personal how blue Biscayne Bay can be, how beautiful the seagulls look soaring about and how plop down some money on the banks of Atlantic Ocean and up and down Collins Avenue and then all is well that ends well.

I know a great Piano Bar on Washington Avenue if it hasn't turned into a Sushi Bar or a Blues Bar by the time this blog gets updated.

Besos Bobbi
Ps Fishing.... this song comes to mind as we don't discuss hairdos.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

I had not heard about the pink snails. You're right, I'd rather see the piano on the sandbar. In fact, the photos and video I saw of that gorgeous grand piano were stunning...almost Dali-like.

The Dad may be like a lot of Dads these days. They want to be the kid's buddy or pal -- not a father.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

Sherri an old boyfriend said to me once, "you may be right, i might be crazy" who is really to say, art is in the eye of the beholder and there are some pranks fathers do with their sons that I cannot make sense of... personally I think the piano served as a good reminder to boaters just how shallow the water was lol.

Thanks for reading and enjoy life, it's the best revenge ;)


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