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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Days.... Blue Skies shining on me... nothing but blue skies... do i see

My brother was out and about this morning snapping pics of Blue Miami and yet as much as we talk about the Moon Over Miami we rarely talk about it being blue. Miami is sunny, golden, beautiful.... but do we call it blue? No..... we do... not.

We call Hawaii blue... Blue Hawaii and yet there is snow on the mountain tops way above the coconut flavored lollipops.

Now, most people don't know it snows in Hawaii but it does. And, in one of the mini Ice Ages a just one degree kept snow on the mountain year round...or so they say. Not only to the volcanoes glow in Hawaii, they are often covered in snow. Who knew?

As a matter of fact, this week in Hawaii there is a Trifecta of weather events going on. Thunderstorms, snow and big surf from a Winter Storm. There's an event for REAL storm chasers and I know a few who live on the Big Island, now I know why....

Guessing they are going to be have a little bit of that SAD thing going on in Hawaii tomorrow. Doubt anyone will be that sad but hope no one moved there to get away from SAD as they are going to have one heck of a winter storm or so I've heard.

Earlier in the day I was at dance. My instructor was talking about being in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade and how amazed she was at the snow on the mountains and how unexpected it was to see as the floats floated by on Colorado Blvd, picture perfect like the snow was brought in for a movie shoot.

Today was a beautiful day in my neck of the world ;)

Hmmmmnnnnn.... Where in the world was Bobbi Storm today? Hawaii? Miami? MB that stands for Myrtle Beach, btw... or ______________________________? Sigh, only my stalker knows for sure ;) But, let me say the fried plantains and cafecito was muy perfecto!!!

Truth is I was texting and talking to my brother while sitting at the gas station today and looked up for a minute and thought WHOA..."where did that come from" ??? Looked like a scene from Twister without the storm that dropped it there.

Seems like today was a nice day most places, blue skies, sun shining so bright... la de dah dah... I know it's an illusion, tomorrow may bring gray skies or a storm but today was a blue, beautiful day.

Funny how life can imitate art and imitate life... look at this great picture and then look how similar it is to the pic in the song below ;)

Life is a practice in finding your perspective. You can find sunny skies anywhere on any given day and snow where you least expect to find it. Got to make the most of sunny days and enjoy the gray ones as well. We all have to find our Blue Heavens, our somewhere over the rainbows... find the things that make our world beautiful and hold onto them tight and never let them go. No matter what color the sky is... you will have a song in your heart and a smile on your face.

Besos Bobbi

For my brother Ronnie who loves this song.

as for "crazy person" you can try and count the references that go bump in the night in that song up there


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