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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tomas Coming Back to Life...down deep in the Carib

Expected to blast out of the Carib sometime soon and go north. Looks like he has two eyes here doesn't he? Like he's watching South America and Panama even though he is supposed to take the fast train out of the Carib north in a few days.

Keep watching. The cold front that is on it's way to save Florida from tropical trouble is expected to arrive by the end of the weekend... that same cold front should guarantee that Tomas says out of trouble in Miami and follows his siblings off into the Atlantic.

Speaking of siblings... if I annoyed anyone here who has a sibling, this is National Sibling Week so go hug your siblings, cousins and extended family and anyone named Bob, Rob, Cobb, Steven or Stephen or anyone with a name with those letters in it ;) Yo...sorry, next plane to Pluto departs to Paradise at Gate 9.

So... tropically speaking the sunrise this morning was incredible, beautiful... stunning, coral and lavender competing with pale pink, grey and a hint of coppery colored clouds. One of the true beauties of living in the State of Florida is the ability to watch the sun rise or the sun set from either coast. I'll take my coast for the sunrises... then again if you live in Key West you can watch any old sun you want come up or go down every day :)

As for Haiti... asking people here to pray that Tomas does not do too much damage on top of the damage they have already had this year from other disasters and disease.

So... hang in there and enjoy the music and have a good day...

Besos Bobbi


At 3:20 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Oh for goodness sake, Bobbi- now how could you possibly annoy anyone? I was having too much fun there for a while, you know wondering what the weather will be like next season, but then discovered how many lost their lifes due to Tomas, it's a tragically tall tale.

At 8:04 PM, Blogger BobbiStorm said...

okay sometimes i can get a little pissy when pushed too far and suppose in an amused way i can be annoying, haha amused.. and so far the loss of life has been in st lucia which i have never been to but i do remember the lucy lady who did the praying, hoping Tomas is kind to Haiti.

sprinkling myself with pixie dust and going poof... really think i deserve a present... almost out of chocolate...


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